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Index of flytiers and online fly sale business in Sweden who tie and sell flies
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Fiskeflugor.seImproada AB/
Box 3017
SE-72003 Västerås

Phone: (0)70-3745928


Sellling high quality flies for trout, rainbow, steehead, grayling, char, salmon, sea trout, pike and many more.


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Tranbärsstigen 78
SE-57137 Nässjö

Phone: +46(0)730428350

Fly fishing and fly tying shop in Nässjö and online.

Hi quality, special selected, tested material and products. Flies are tied by us and we only use the best material. 10% of all profits go to support river preservation organisation "Älvräddarna".


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Patrik FlugbindarePatrik Eklund


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Vinnalts Sportfiske
Vinnalt 447
SE-310 38 Simlångsdalen

Phone: +46 (0)709-471686


Assortment of 1800 different flies and still growing.  

We also offer fishig at our fishing camp in Halland, read mote about it on our webpage:


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Ronnie Eriksson-professional fly tierRonnie Eriksson Professional fly tyer

Stångjärnsvägen 7
SE-81630 Ockelbo

Phone: +46 (0)70-5300542

I have tied flies more then 40 years. Professional fly tyer since 20 years back.

Big assortment of home tied fishing flies. I also arrange fly fishing and fly tying courses for smaller groups.


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The Flyhook FillerThe Flyhook Filler
Varberg, Sweden

Phone: +46 (0)707404584

Contact person: Jimmy Gustavsson


The Flyhook Filler is a complete online fly tying shop in Sweden.

We also have tackle shop in Åskloster, just north of Varberg

In our online store to shop easily and conveniently all you need for your fly tying. Whether you target salmon flies, trout flies, or flies that attract other fishes, we have the materials and tools required for your work. A well-designed range of both materials and tools, adapted for salmon fishermen, fly fishermen and trout fishermen in general. Only the best will do!

We will also offer fly tying classes.


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Mobyvägen 8
SE-782 33 Malung

Phone: +46(0)70-2386716

Webshop with the biggest assortment of high quality flies for the Scandinavian fly fishing in Europe.

We have flies for every fishing situation possible for the Scandinavian fly fishermen.

Both new patterna as old traditional fly patterns.

We have the unique fly series of  "Fly Fur" and "Herles Collection" and many patterns tied with super material as tungsten and CDC

All our flies are tied using high quality hooks (Mustad, VMC och Daiichi) and by some of the worlds most skillful tiers.


blå linje Älvdalens Fishing

Älvdalens Fiskecenter
Ribbholmsvägen 26
SE-796 31 Älvdalen

Phone: (0)251-123 44

Flies for trout, rainbow, grayling and char, high quality flies.


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Webbshoppen for fly fishermen. All equipment for sale here are tested by ourself so we can be sure of the quality of all we sell.

No physical shop but we have a show room in Mönsterås where you can come and test the products you are intersted in. It's a great benefit to test a rod before buy.

We also offer guided fishing for salmon and sea running trout in famous river Emåns near Fliseryd.

For more info visit our website:


Trollsjövägen 1
SE-383 92 Mönsterås

Phone: +46(0)707793355
Open hours: 17-20 week days, 10-14 saturday-sundays. We are only open by reservation.


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Böjda Spön, your professional online tackle shopCarl Schander, Böjda Spön
Sunne, Värmland

For contact info click here

Home tied flies, online-sale from our tackle shop in Sunne. We also sell tools and fly tying material. High quality flies.


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LE Flies and Fly Fishing

Leif Ehnström
Bergshamra, Sweden


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Markus Hoffman

Flies for fishing and super realistic art flies.


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Nordic Fly HB
Rolf Ahlkvist
Svärdsjö ,Sweden

Professional flytier. The originator to the famous fly Balsa Wasp (balsagetingen).


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Torbjörn Löfström
Fellingsbro, Sweden

Professional flytier since 1984. Tie Classical Salmon flies without using a vise. Also arranges courses in tying Classic Salmon Flies.


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Mikael Frödin
Knivsta, Sweden

World famous professional flytier. Salmonflies.
Author of the book: "Klassiska Laxflugor,  mönster och historia".


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Hårdīs Classic Salmonflies

Professional flytyer, 35 years of experience. Tyes Classic Salmon Flies for sale. Also arranges courses in tying Classic Salmon Flies. And courses in spey casting.


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Helen Kensby
SE-671 96 Mangskog

Phone: +46 (0)70-6911718

Professional flytyer. Flies for trout, grayling and rainbow. Also sells ear-rings made as flies.


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Gamlabrovägen 4
SE-37160 Lyckeby

Buy your flies on


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