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Welcome and send in fishing info and reports on RomeleCamp, mail us

Welcome to RomeleCamp!

In the middle of Skåne in Romeleåsens high altitudes is our wonderful facility.

Here you can enjoy breathtaking views, exciting adventures and rainbow trout fishing in the beautiful countryside. We offer catch and release fishing with a fly for trout. But also spinfishing but then not by catch and release.

We currently have 3 ponds totaling approximately 6,000 m2. We also offer fishing for crayfish. Our ponds located in the terrace levels so as to have a clear view of Sturup and further west.

Besides fishing, we also have conference facilities and accommodation for up to 16 people. Our cottages are basic but have unique modes.

We also welcome groups, kickoffs, hen and stag parties. We may offer contests, games and shenanigans. A wide range of activities available to choose. We run events for up to 100 people with contests, games, dinner and entertainment

Feel free to contact us:
Mr Lundgren, +46 (0)700 274523
Katarina Lundgren, +46 (0)731 808927
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We are located south of Veberöd and in between Genarp and Blentarp, just northeast of



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