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Olles Fiske & Fritid
Stationsgatan 38
SE-78435  Borlänge

Phone: +46(0)243-19095


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Vestlis Flugfiske
Köpcenrum Kupolen 53
SE-781 70 Borlänge

Phone: +46(0)243-23 74 86

Also shop in Gagnef


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Hedemora Fiske & Fritid
Myrgatan 3C
SE-776 35 Hedemora


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Jaktia i Falun
Kopparvägen 30
SE-79141 Falun

Phone: +46(0)23-21855

Tackle shop. Service and repairs. Fishing permits for the local area.


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Vestlis Flugfiske & Fritid
Smed Olles v. 2
SE-78041 Gagnef

Phone: +46(0)241-513 65

Also shop in Borlänge


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Grängesvägen 4
SE-771 91 Ludvika

Phone: +46(0)240-361 00


Online tackle shop, mailorder with very big assortment.

Specialized personel in angling, fly fishing, spin fishing, jerk bait, trolling, sea fishing.


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Mobyvägen 8
SE-782 33 Malung

Phone: +46(0)70-2386716

Webshop with the biggest assortment of high quality flies for the Scandinavian fly fishing in Europe.

We have flies for every fishing situation possible for the Scandinavian fly fishermen.

Both new patterna as old traditional fly patterns.

We have the unique fly series of  "Fly Fur" and "Herles Collection" and many patterns tied with super material as tungsten and CDC

All our flies are tied using high quality hooks (Mustad, VMC och Daiichi) and by some of the worlds most skillful tiers.


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Jockes Zoo & Fiske - Malungs Fishing Center
Lisagatan 50
SE-782 30 Malung

Phone: +46(0)280-13030


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Johns Sport
Kyrkogatan 7
SE-79230 Mora


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Orsa FiskeCenter
Lissvägen 1
SE-79434 Orsa


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Jaktia Orsa Outdoor AB
SE-79432 Orsa


We sell fishing permits for: Finnmarken, Orsa Besparingsskogs FVO and Orsa FVO.


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YM`s Fiske & Fritid
Allègatan 9
SE-77731 Smedjebacken

Tackle shop for spin-, fly-, trolling-, ice- and sea fishing. We sell fishing permits for: Lake Barken, Lake Väsman, Lake Leran, Larsbo, Norhtern Ludvika, river Kolbäcksån.


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Danielsson Innovation AB
Väderbacksvägen 50
SE-77750 Smedjebacken

Phone: +46(0)240-76210

Online sales.

Manufactor of fly reels. The company that created the first "large Arbor reels". They where earlier sold under the name LOOP but now we will sell our own reels by the new name Danielsson.


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Älvdalens FiskecenterÄlvdalens Fishing Center
Ribbholmsvägen 26
SE-796 31 Älvdalen

Phone: +46(0)251-123 44

In our shop you will find everything you need for a successful fishing trip in Älvdalen.

Welcome to Älvdalens Fishing Center's online store,

At the Fisheries Center we have chosen to focus on fly fishing. In our shop you will find, among other things, reels and rods from Orvis, Lamson, Vision, Sameo and Pool 12, as well as lines from Orvis, Scientific Anglers, Vision and Sameo.

Here is also a wide selection of waders, wader shoes, jackets, vests, sweaters, socks, caps, bags, chest / hip-packs and backpacks from Simms, Orvis, Vision and Pool 12.

You who tie your own flies will also find a well-stocked range, with everything from hook to tying material. Of course, you will find leaders, leader material, floating products for your dry flies and everything else you need for a successful fishing.

We also have equipment for angling or spinning fishing, such as rods, reels, spinners, lures, bait, hook and more. We also help you with any problems you might ahve with your fishing equipment. With our knowledgeable and friendly staff you will find many years of knowledge and experience of forest, river and lake in Älvdalen.

We will help you find the correct info on flies, equipment and fishing waters. Whether you are a beginner or a rookie fisherman

Read more on fishing waters in Älvdalens FVO


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