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Bulldog Fly Fishing guided fly fishing for sea trout, salmon and grayling in rivers in Sundsvall area.


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Bulldog Fly Fishing

Bulldog Fly FishingMy name is Lars Nisenvall and working as a fishing guides in the Sundsvall area. I arrange courses, and guides fishermen primarily in beautiful river Ljungan, for sea trout, salmon and grayling. As your authorized fishing guide I give you access to my expertise.

I offer guided fishing in following waters:

- River Ljungan, my personal favorite water for trout, salmon or grayling. Adorable beautiful scenery.

- River Ljustorpsån an ideal water for those who like to fish for sea trout in smaller waters. The sea trout can be quite large.

- River Harmångersån another pearl for fishing big sea running trout, when water levels are favorable.

- River Indalsälven, grayling, salmon and sea trout.

- Lake Marmen/Lake Vikarn plenty of pike, sparse with pikeperch and very good perch fishing.

I also guide fishing trips in surrounding area located tarns and lakes with populations with trout and rainbow.

Bulldog Fly FishingI also arranges casting courses, with single-hand fly rod and two handed, I teach correct casting technique and above all how we are operating safely. Anyone can learn to flyfish young and old alike. With an expert instructor and the right equipment, it is much easier than you might think. For everyone to get the best of my courses, I limit the number of participants to 5. We learn to master the overhand throw, mendig control and double haul, other techniques like loop cast, double Spey, single Spey and rollcast. We review the theory behind rod selection, lines, leader length, techniques, and we also fish some. I also arranges courses in beginner fly tying.

I cooperate with several of the best hotels and campsites in the Sundsvall area. If you have any special requests regarding your accommodation, please contact me

Lars Nisenvall
Sandmovägen 19
SE-862 41 Njurunda


Phone: +46 (0)705726556


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