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Sportfishing in wilderness like surroundings, the park is located next to the village Åkers Styckebruk between Södertälje and Strängnäs. A approx. 50 square kilometer area. Offers fishing in both  Put and Take lakes and in natural populated lakes (populated with perch and pike)  It is not only fishermen who visit the park, hikers, canoeist, bird watchers, berry and mushroom pickers and geologist are frequently visiting the area.

Every two weeks there are complementary put outs into the lakes of both rainbow and char, weighing between  0,7 - 5 kg.

A special permit is required for fishing in the Put and Take lakes, it allows you to fish for 24 hour or until you caught 3 fish. This permit is also valid in the other lakes in the area, meaning that after catching 3 salmonoid fish you can continue to fish in the lakes with natural population of fish.
You can also buy a permit which is only valid for these lakes.
The permit for the Put and Take lakes is valid for fishing in: Tallsjön lake. Holmsjön lake and in Älgsjön lake (angling with live bait, spin- and flyfishing and in the winter ice fishing). Only one rod on each permit. Fishing with bellyboats is permitted in lake Älgsjön.
A special canoe fishing permit can be bought for those who intend to paddle canoe through the bay of Marvikarna and lake Visnaren.

Fishing permit price for 2019 (Price changes can be made without presenting them here, visit their website for latest prices)
24 hour permit for Put and Take lakes: 160 SEK
All year round permit for the lakes not stocked with salmonoid fish: 100 SEK
All year permit to lake Älgsjön: 1600 SEK
Children younger than 16 are fishing for free ( if they are fishing with one of their parents)

If you want additional  information contact:
Erik Eriksson +46 (0)70-6264546.


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Area map

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Lakes inside the area:

Övriga Villages
4. Visnaren
5. Nedre Marviken
5. Mellan Marviken, (ej hela sjön)
6. Millsjön (ej hela sjön)
9. Malsjön (ej hela sjön)
14. Idlången (endast vinterfiske)
16. Mörtsjön
17. Göksjön (ej hela sjön)
7. Holmsjön *
8. Älgsjön *
18. Tallsjön *

*= stocked with salmonoid fish

1. Mariefred
2. Åkers Styckebruk
3. Täbylund


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