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Small river in Mid-East Småland. Originates in lake Alstern just East of Lenhovda. Runs through the villages Alstermo, Fröseke, Alsterbro, Blomstermåla and Ålem. Flows through Lake Hindsjön, Allgunnen, Rummesjön, Hultsnäsesjön and  Barnebosjön on its way East. Flows out into Kalmarsund at Pataholm. Offer fishing for Brown trout, pike and perch. Among specimen anglers the river is famous for well sized Bream on the lower stretches of the river, near Pataholm.


Hornsö Hydrolectric Plant - Duveströms Kraftverk, Alsteråns FVO

Uvasjöns FVOF

SVEASKOG Stretch 6 km. From lake Allgunnen and  down stream 6 km.


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River Alsterån marked on map of Sweden

Map of Småland

Fishing tips (in Swedish)

Articles, books, about river Alsterån

Notices on river Alsterån (in Swedish)


blå linje Uvasjöns FVOF stretch

A 7 km long stretch of river Alsterån from Fagraström and down stream to lake Uvasjön, at small community of Fröseke.

Fishing permit can be bought by

More in fo at external link and


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Hornsö - Duveströms stretch

Alsteråns FVO, 7 km long stretch. Starts at Hornsö Hydroelectric Plant and ends down stream at Duveströms Hydroelectric Plant in Blomstermåla.

Fiske & Fritid i Blomstermålas manage the fishing on two stretches in this area

Sandbäckshult stretch
Fishing for trout, pike ad perch.
One zone is fly fishing only.

Permits are sold by:
Coop, Mönsteråsvägen 8, Blomstermåla
Alstergården Hotell & Restaurang, Storgatan 75, Blomstermåla.
Sporttjänst, Storgatan 47, Mönsterås

Strömsfors stretch
Put&take fishing for rainbow, there are also population of trout, salmon, oerch and pike. But observe that all salmon and trout must be released back.

Permits are sold by:
Through Swish service (see website)
Speltorget in Blomstermåla

More info, rules and maps at external link:


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From lake Allgunnen and downstream to hydroelectric powerplant. Parts of this stretch are accessible by "SVEA Fiskekortet"


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Fishing guides, fishing charter

Strömfiske Alsterån, Fishing Center, for contact info see above.




Tackle shops

Strömfiske Alsterån, Fishing Center for contact info see above.

Ems-flyshop, Mönsterås, webshop with showroom, open only by reservation.


Tourist information

Högsby Tourist office

Mönsterås Tourist & Travelagency

Nybro Tourist office


External links

Water Flow statistics from Sydkraft


Fishing articles, books about river Alsterån



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