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Åsnen, a lake in southern Småland, located just south of Växjö. The river Mörrumsån originates from this lake. Large areas of the lake is located inside nature preservation area where certain rules applies. Very scenic areas, mixed deciduous woods surrounding the lake. Fishing management for the lake is divided between three different FVO.

Meters above sea level: 139 m.
Size: 150 kmē
Biggest depth: 14 m.
Average depth: 3 m.
Species: perch, bream, pike, pikeperch, carp, burbot, roach, rudd, tench, eel and others.
Fishing methods: trolling-, spinn-fishing, angling and at winter time ice fishing.
Record fish: pike 23,9 kg, pikeperch 14,2, perch 3 kg and eel 3,6 kg.

Fishing permit are sold on many places around the lake, see the list of accommodation/lodging further down on this page.
Also sold online by

Fishing tip:
A good advice is to equip the boat motor with propeller cover and bring a lot of brake pins. The lake is filled with rocks and shallow spots.

Lake Kålsjön
Located on Getnö island inside lake Åsnen, a small lake (14 hectare), offer Put&Take fishing for trout and rainbow. Fishing in this lake require special fishing permit. Also population of carp.


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Very nice cottage, close to lake, with boat. In Tvetaryd


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Lindgrens hardware store in Urshult


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