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243 km long. The river originates from an area just east of Ulricehamn. Ends in the city of Falkenberg where it flows out into the Kattegatt sea. On its journey to the sea it runs through lake Åsunden, citys of  Ulricehamn, Svenljunga, Ätran, Vessigebro and Falkenberg.

River Ätran is a classic salmon fishing river on the west coast of Sweden. The sport fishing in Falkenberg dates back to the middle of the 1800s, when wealthy British and Americans came here to fish salmon.

Thanks to a very intensive environmental project since 1978 the salmon is today self reproductive in river Ätran.


Fishing stretches

Laxbron - Tullbron in Falkenberg, in Falkenberg center. Salmon and sea trout fishing.

Ätrans Lower FVO, stretch from bridge in Vessigebro, to bridge over old highway E6 in Falkenberg, approx. 150 m upstream Hertings Hydroelectric Power station.

Östra Frölunda-Mårdaklevs FVO, stretch from Östra Frölunda downstream to border of Halland County near Yttre Skåpanäs. Fishing permits through

Assman-Ätrans FVO
From Ljungafors in Svenljunga and down stream to Hid.
Fishing permits through

Buttorp - Ljungafors FVO,
15 km of streaming water, fishing for brown trout. Stretch starts at brigde upstream in Buttorp and ends at bride in Ljungafors, Svenljunga. Fishing permits through, Tourist Office in Svenljunga, Kinds Järn. (Fishing brown trout requires special permit, more info:

Veka-Buttorp FVOF,
11 km long stretch, starts in Veka and ends at brigde in
Buttorp. Population of perch, pike, roach and trout. Fishing permits through, Tourist Office in Svenljunga, and Matöppet in Sexdrega. (Fishing brown trout requires special permit, more info:

Forsa-Veka FVOF,
Sträcka at Hillared in south east Västergötland, starts down stream lake Åsunden at
Forsa kvarn (Mill) in Dannike and ends at old mill pond in Veka in Hillared. Fishing permits through, Tourist Office in Svenljunga. (Fishing brown trout requires special permit, more info:

Övre (Upper) Åsundens FVO (Ulricehamns Fritidsfiskare) ,
Stretch of river Ätran from Vist just norht of Ulricehamn and down stream to lake Åsunden near the baths. Fishing permits through

Lönerns FVOF
Stretch between lake Lönern and lake Vinsarpasjön, 16 km norht east of Ulricehamn. Fishing permits through


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Stretch Laxbron - Tullbron in Falkenberg

2,5 km of river Ätrans lower part   from Tullbron and upstream to Laxbron. The lower part contain a rapid stretch called "Garvareforsen" here is only fly fishing allowed. On the upper part it is also permited to fish with spin rods. The fishing area is located in the centre of Falkenberg and is easy accessible. A service house were you can cook and relax is located near by the Laxbron. Here you also must weigh your fish, all caught fish must be registred. Here can you also get your fish frozen and some fishing equip. is sold here

The season usally start at 1:st of April. Then the fishing is mainly for sea trout, in the beginning of May the first Salmon is beginning to rise from the sea. In the middle of June the first "grilse" is caught. The season ends at the 30th of September.

Fishing permits are sold by Falkenbergs Tourist Office and through permit card machine at Laxastugan.
Special permit is requires for fishing from boat.

Boats for rent are available.
Allowed fishing methodes: Flyfishing and spinfishing. Spin fishing with shrimp bait is allowed. The stretch "Garvareforsen-Tullbron" is reserved for flyfishing  from the 1 of May.

In 1996 in April, a Salmon at 17,4 kg was caught at the stretch between Laet and Garvareforsen on spin fly fishing. In 1998 there were caught approx. 620 salmon, average weight was 3 kg. (reported catch).


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Ätrans lower FVO.

Stretch from bridge in Vessigebro, to bridge over old highway E6 in Falkenberg, approx. 150 m upstream Hertings Hydroelectric Power station.

Fish species: Salmon, sea trout, pike, perch, burbot, tench, roach and others.

Fishing methods are spin fishing, live bait angling, fly fishing.

Fishing permtis can be bought at Falkenbergs Tourist Office or ICA Nära in Vessigebro.

Link for more info for the Ätrans lower FVO,

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Fishing guides, fishing charter




Skrea Camping, Falkenberg, Camping and caravan ground


Tackle shops

Jensen & Celander AB Ullared


Tourist information

Falkenbergs Tourist Office


External links

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Fishing articles, books about river Ätran



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