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Lake Ballingslövssjön
Lake Ottarpasjön

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Lake Ballingslövssjön and lake Ottarpasjön is located approx. 10 km north-east of Hässleholm at 41 metres above sea level. Biggest deep is 6 m. The fishing is managed by Ballingslövssjöns and Ottarpssjöns FVO.
In the summer the southern part of the lake have problems with the vegetation, it over grow  large areas and make all fishing here impossible.

The lake offers very nice fishing for pike

Fish species: perch, bream, white bream, pike, pikeperch, roach, tench, eel, bleak and rudd.

Fishing permits are sold by:
Wiktors in Hästveda (hardware store)
Christensens Bygg & Foder, Hästveda
Sportfiskebolaget, Hässleholm

Hässleholms Tourism
Ottarpstorp gårdsbutik, Ottarp 2186, Hästveda
Can also be bought by some private persons in nearby area, see website for more info

Bathing beach, Fireplace area and toilet is located at Sjömellet (see map)

Boats are available for rent.

More info on website:


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Hästveda Hostel


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Sportfiskebolaget, Hässleholm

Wiktors in Hästveda


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Hässleholm Tourism


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Fishing articles, books about Lake Ballingslövssjön and Lake Ottarpasjön



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