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River in south west Skåne. Flows out into the bay of Lomma (Lommabukten) just north of Bjärred. The river have two names, it's called both river Löddeå and river Kävlingeån. Originates from lake Vombsjön, from the lake to the village of Kävlinge it is called river Kävlingeån, downstream Kävlinge village and to the outflow into the sea it's called river Löddeå.

The total length of the river is approx. 55 km and it falls only 18 meters.

In the 1950th and 1960th the river was severely polluted, which caused the population of fish to diminished considerable. Thanks to the new sewage treatment plants the water quality has improved considerable.

The river is famous for the pike fishing. The pike in river Löddeå grows very big, a number of really big fish have been caught here. Fish weighing 20 kg are not rare.

Fish species: perch, white bream,  bream, minnow, pike, pope, pikeperch (zander), ide, carp, burbot, salmon, bleak, roach, lamprey, rudd, white fish, tench, eel, sea trout and brown trout.

Fishing hints:

The biggest pike are caught on live bait, (e.g roach). Big pike have also been caught on a jig, one pike weighing 20 kg was caught on a red jig .



River Kävlingeåns-Löddeå FVO


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Kävlingeåns-Löddeå FVO

With approx. 20 kilometre of streaming water. Fish species: pike, perch, pikeperch (zander), roach, bream, trout and eel.

Fishing permits are sold here:
Bilisten gas station in Furulund
Lödde Båt & Kanotcenter, in Löddeköpinge
ICA Supermarket, i Löddeköpinge
Shell gas station in Löddeköpinge
Thures Cykel & Sport in Kävlinge
Preem gas station, Kävlinge
Fiskekompaniet in Lund (online sales)

Area map

Fishing hot spots (text in Swedish)

More info:

At the outflow the fishing is restricted. Fishing is not allowed in April, May, October, November and December


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Tackle shops

Eslövs Fiskeshop /


Tourist information

Löddeköpinge Tourist Office, (on Center Syd), Löddeköpinge

Lomma-Bjärred Tourist Association, Lomma



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Kävlingeåns-Löddeåns FVO


Kävlingeåns vattenvårdsförbund

Kävlingeåns vattenråd (Water council)


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