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Two small lakes located north of Arvika and are managed by the Mangen Treen FVO, Located in the municipality of Arvika and Sunne. Stor-Treen is 5,4 squarekm big, located 190 meters above sea level and Mången is 4,24 squarekm located 212 meters above sea level. North part of lake Stor-Treen is also called Lill-Treen.

The two lakes offers nice fishing possibilities for perch, pike, Gullspång Salmon, Gullspång trout and Brunnhytte trout. Many big fish are caught here every year. Trolling is a popular fishing technique in these two lakes.

In the surrounding area is there a lot of streams and other fishing waters.

Fishing tips: Bait tip for trolling: Pure-Lure yellow coloured spoon, Yellow Silver Streak Magnum, Lexwobbler, Pearl coloured Yack.

Fishing permit are sold by:
Arvika Tourist Office
Treens Camping
Fredros Gård
Shop in Gräsmark
Boats are available for rent in both lakes.


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Tackle shops

Böjda Spön, Sunne

Böjda Spön, Arvika


Tourist information

Arvika Tourist bureau, Arvika

Sunne Tourist Office, Sunne


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Mangen-Treen FVOF


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