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Ammerån Fishing CampAmmeråns Fishing Camp
Ammer 320
C/O Ajax
SE-840 70 Hammarstrand

Phone: +46(0)705917612 or +46(0)705904536

Contact person: Birger Ajax

Fishing/tackel shop. We sell fishing equipment (most fly fishing gear). Selling fishing permits. We are located close by river Ammerån.

We have big assortment of flies, our fly fly serie "The Ammeråserien" is one of our favourite flies for this region.

We also have products for hunting. And we offer guide servicem courses, accommodation and much more.


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Brunflo Sport Fiske & Jakt
Rissnavägen 1
SE-83434 Brunflo

Phone: +46(0)63-22955


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Bräcke, Gällö

Café Gimårasten
Gimån 310
SE-840 60 Gällö

Café - waffles - meals - souverniers - local handicraft - fishing permits - fly fishing-, fly tying material.

Located next to Stavre Stream, river Gimån (Upper Gimån FVO).


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Grindelit AB
Högfors 210
SE-83030 Lit

Phone: +46(0)642 20157

Retail sales of live bait like worm and maggot. Over 30 year in business.


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Andrées Sport / Team Sportia
Lövbergavägen 8
SE-833 35 Strömsund

Phone: +46(0)670 - 101 24

Fishing permits for Byvattnets Sportfishing Area.


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Storgatan 7
SE-833 35 Strömsund



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Valsjöbyns Fiskecenter
Näset 4864
SE-830 67 Valsjöbyn

Phone: +46(0)645-71 62 00

Here you can find all you need for fishing in our region. You can buy or rent equioment, rent boats for lake Valsjön and Rengen, buy fishing permits, souveniers. We also provide you with latest fishing info for our region.


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Landbys Hunting & Fishing Service
Hagvägen 9B
SE-83148 Östersund

Phone: +46(0)63-106822

One of the oldest Hunting and Fishing Shops in Sweden. En av Sveriges äldsta Jakt & Fiske butiker. We have been active in Östersund since 1890. We are a complete shop for hunting, fishing and outdoor activities.


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