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River in Jämtland, Sweden. Originates from Lake Fyrsjön in the north and flows out into the River Indalsälven at the south near the village Ammer. Located approx. 70km east of Östersund. River Ammerån were undergoing a stream renewal program in 1990-1991. River Ammerån run through limestone grounds which can explain how the river is fairly unaffected by acid downfall. The river has a very rich insect fauna.

Populations of Brown trout, grayling...

You can also fish in Lake Öravattnet, for trout, char, and perch. Lake Laxsjön is another alternative with fishing for large pike and white fish (Sik in Swedish).

In the early season it is recommended when flyfishing to fish with imitations of green free living caddi larvae.

Dry fly season usually begins  in the first half of July and and last until late fall.
The dry fly fishing in Ammerån river is very dependent on the water level and therefore it is recommended to contact the local fishing camps before travelling here. But you can almost always find some dry fly fishing in some of the nearby located rivers if only the weather gods is on your side.

The lower par of river Ammerån is big and mighty with great possibilities for catching big grayling. The best beat for flyfishing is the 17 km long stretch down stream the calm stretch at Överammer. The upper part (from lake Solbergvattnet and downstream) consists of a big number of rapid streams for example Språnghällan, Skyttmoforsen Höghällan. Big trout and big grayling. The rapids is easy accessible through small forest roads.

In the upper area of the stretch belonging to "Upper Ammerån FVO"., 15 km long, is the fishing for grayling best in the following streams: Flyforsen, Slagströmmen and Prästströmmen, while the trout fishing is best in the1,5 km long stream Borgforsen. There are lodging and dining service available for fisherman at the "Upper Ammerån FVO" stretch, at Skyttmon.

Permits are sold by several places along the river, look for signs at roadside.

Management for river Ammerån is diveded between three different FVO:

Solberg-Vikens FVO (Stretch from lake Fyrsjön downstream to Grundflyn)

Upper (Övre) Ammeråns FVO (Strech from Grundflyn and downstream to point where the brook Röningsbäcken flows out into river Ammerån)

Lower (Nedre) Ammeråns FVO (the final 30 km of the river before outflow in river Indalsälven, stretch offer good fishing for trout and grayling)


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Fishing guides, fishing charter

Ammeråns Fishing Camp

Pelles Fiske, Per Persson

Advanced Fly Casting School - Swedish Center, with Piero Letizia



Ammeråns Fishing Camp

Strömnäsgården, hostels, rooms, bed and breakfast, holiday accommodation at Stugun, lake Gesundet.

Zorbcenter Fiske cabins, house and tent


Tackle shops

Ammeråns Fishing Camp (smaller assortment of fishing gear)


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Tourist Office in Hammarstrand


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