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Accommodation/lodging available in:

Almdalen  |  Ammer  |  AnarisetBydalen  |  Döviken  |  Föllinge  | Hammarstrand   |  Husås  |  Höglekardalen  |  Inviken  |  Lidsjöberg  |  Lit  |  Ottsjön  |  Rörvattnet  |  Strömsund  |  Stugun


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Ammeråns Fishing Camp, so much more than "just" a fishing camp

Fishing close by: River Ammerån, River Indalsälven

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Ammeråns Fishing CampProfessional Fishing Camp. Cabins, cottages, rooms, tent- and caravan camping ground.

We offer guided fishing tours, canoe and boat rent, boat and fishing equipment for sale. Flyfishing courses, river rafting, flytying, flies for sale (Ammerå flies), smoke house, transportation service, lodging.

Bathing beach near by, horse riding centre and a trotting course is located nearby.

We also offer boats for rent in river Indalsälven.

Ammeråns Fishing CampAddress:
Ammeråns Fiskecamp
Ammer 320
840 70 Hammarstrand

Mobile: +46 (0)705917612 or +46 (0)705904536

Contact person: Birger Ajax





Anariset AB

Fishing close by: Lake Östra Vattensjön, Lake Anasjön, River Rullån, River Fångån, River Hällån, River Blankan, River Lillån

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Welcome to Anariset! A Sami hunting and fishing company since 1996.

When you want to fish genuine wild trout and brown trout. In natural, unspoiled streams, tarns and lakes, with big and natural reproduction. Ice fishing in early spring is at its finest. Enjoy mountain fishing and hunting at the highest level. Char and trout fishing, hunting grouse, capercaillie or moose.

Ajvin Sijte. A fishing paradiseWe also organize conferences / meetings, etc. in unique and undisturbed mountain environment. We can also arrange helicopter transport to our camp.

Ajvin Sijte. A fishing paradise for beginners and professionals, summer and winter!

Beautifully at river Rullån inlet of lake Östra Vattensjön. In summer, you can fish in the lakes, tarns or streams that are part of our fisheries. In lakes and tarns, most sport fishing is allowed, but in the streams, fly fishing only. In March / April, the ice fishing is best. Lake Östra Vattensjön is best in this area! Pack with you what you need, so we take you out on a real ice fishing adventure!

Three cozy cabins located on the waterfront and there are boats / motors for rent. Service building with kitchen, dining room and one "fishing" room with couches and soapstone stove , and large sauna.

Anasjö Camp. Ice fishers favorite! Ice fishing has never been better. Welcome to test real good trout fishing on Spring winter ice. We take you all the way to the camp that is beautifully situated at lake Anasjöns western shore. Here are 5 cabins, 19 beds, lakeside sauna. Boats / motors for rent and an abundance of fishing waters make this a fishing paradise.

The cabins are also excellent for those that in small groups wanting to experience other aspects of the mountains.

Learn more about our complete range of adventure on our website.

Anariset AB
Hallen 111
SE-830 05 Järpen

Phone: +46(0)70-6769390

Contact person: Per Erik Jonasson



Föllinge, Ottsjön, Almdalen, Rörvattnet


Almdalens Fjällgård (Mountain Farm)

Fishing close by: Lake Häbbersvattnet, Lake Grubbvattnet and Lake Nils-Jonsavattnet

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Almdalens FjällgårdLocated in beautiful surroundings. genuine Swedish mountain farm, inside the Hotagens nature preservation area, 10 km from nearest road. We offer accommodation in self catering cottages, all with varied standard.

Here you find old genuine forest and mountain nature with rich flora and fauna. With a bit of luck you can spot both odder, mountain fox, bears, eagles, moose and falcons.

Our surroundings invites you hiking, hunting, fishing. We also offer guided tours.

We have fantastic fishing nearby. Area offer great fishing both summer and winter, mainly for trout and char.

Visit out website for more info.

Almdalens Fjällgård (Mountain farm)
Almdalen 3770
SE-83060 Föllinge

Phone: +46 (0)645-22028
Mobil: +46 (0)70-3437146

Contact persons: Randi and Håkan



Rörvattnets Fishing Camp

Fishing close by: Lake Valsjön, Lake Hotagen, Flinten, Lake Rörvattnet, Skogsjö, Gunnarvattnet

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Rörvattnets FiskeCamp is located at a branch of the legendary “Fiskevägen” (Route 340) in Sweden. Fiskevägen is the name for the idyllic route between Krokom in Sweden and Namsos in Norway featuring an almost never-ending array of natural experiences, including opportunities to go hunting and fishing. One fishing card allows eager fisherman to a vast paradise of fishing waters along 7 fishing area’s towards the norwegean border.

Rörvattnets Fishing CampOpen all year round. You can chose between different accommodation alternative.

4-person cabin with electric heating, water, fridge and hotplates. The cottage is furnished with two bunk beds. It has a dining table with four chairs and a TV. The shower and toilet are in the common service building.

6-person house, equipped with a full furnished kitchen, dining table and TV in the living room. Bathroom with shower and toilet. 2 bedrooms. The house is heated with electric heating.

30 RV and Caravan sites with electricity are available. For your tent you will find lots of free space in a separate area.

RörvattnetYou can find Fishing Tackle, Fishing Licenses and Information at the Reception. The Service building offers a kitchen, showers, toilets, drying room and a freezer as well as a Cafe.

We rent out fishing boats with motor and canoes.

Rörvattnets Fishing Camp

Rörvattnet 401
SE-835 63 Föllinge

Phone: +46 (0)702455331



Höglekardalen, Bydalen


Höglekardalens Fjällpensionat (Inn and Bording House)

Fishing close by: River Dammån, Dalsjön, Indalsäven, Kvissleströmmen, Storsjön, Storån, Dörrsån

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Charming, personal and beautifully located on an old farmhouse graising grounds. We have been here before the road leading here were built.

Höglekardalens FjällpensionatA family company in the 3rd generation. In addition to our holiday homes  with cabins/cottages for self-catering or half-board, we also have a caravan campsite and an Inn that offers home-baked bread and well prepared meals, with licence to serve beer and wine.

We are located close to classic and famous fly fishing river Dammån, here you can fish for real big trout, but the surrounding area also offer fishing in many other waters, and not just for trout but also for pike, perch, grayling, char and others.

Cabins for rent, annex with 2-4 bed rooms, caravan ground, selfcatering or half board. Restaurant  Minimarket. Sale of fishing permit.

Höglekardalens Fjällpensionat
830 01 Hallen

Phone: (0)643-320 14



Hammarstrand, Döviken


Zorbcenter Fishing

Fishing close by: River Indalsälven, River Ammerån, Gesunden, Bollsjön, and also forest tarns in the surrounding area.

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Zorbcenter located right next to river Indalsälven, 1 km down stream Gammelänge dam, between Östersund and Sundsvall.

We offer accommodation: 4+2 bed log cabin fully equipped for self catering.

Smaller 4 bed cabin with simpler equipment.

6 + 2 bed high standard cabin.

For larger groups we have big tents located with view over the river.

Our nearby area offer great possibilities for many different kind of fishing. Both stream- and lake fishing. For both pike, perch, trout and char.

Boats and canoes for rent. åtar och kanoter uthyres. Hot tub and sauna at the river bank.

Also access to all Zorbcenters activites.

Zorbcenter Fiske
Döviken 145
SE840 70 Hammarstrand

Phone: +46 (0)70 5895507



Lit, Husås


Cottage at Oxforsen, River Hårkan

Fishing close by: River Hårkan, river Långan, lake Sandviksjön, Lake Föllingesjön, river Indalsälven

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Stuga vid Oxforsen, HårkanNice cottage located next to the fishing paradise Oxforsen at the river Hårkan. Located right on the edge of the stream in an secluded location. River Hårkan is known to be a very good fly fishing water, also spin fishing is allowed. Here you can fish mainly on grayling and trout.

It requires fishing permit to fish in the area, can be bought at several places, more info here.

The cottage is about 40 sqm consisting of two rooms with a total of 5 beds. The cottage has simpler standard without water and electricity. Wood stove, fireplace and LPG cooking plate are in the cottage. BBQ facilities are available outdoors. Outhouse.

Interiörbild från stuga vid Oxforsen, HårkanDrinking water is collected from cold water source about 5 minutes walk from the house.

Welcome and bring your dogs.

Weekly rent is 4000 SEK (price valid for 2017)

Contact person:
Katarina Lundgren

Make reservation by mail  or phone  +46 (0)73-0692182


Lits Camping, Cottages and Canoes, (Little Lake Hill Canoe Center)

Fishing close by: River Långan, river Hårkan, river Indalsälven

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Located in beautiful surroundings, in a valley where river Hårkan flows out in river Indalsälven. Only 20 min by car to Östersund. Different sized cabins for rent, from fully equipped 6-bed cabins to 4-bed camping cabins without showers. Also fully equipped service center nearby with showers, WC, kitchen, washing machines and more.

Lits Camping, Cottages and Canoes, (Little Lake Hill Canoe Center)Full service camp site, with seats for tents, caravans and campers (some with electr outlets). Mini market, kiosk. We also offer wireless broadband connection for our guests.

Our camp with the nearby location to three big fishing rivers (Långan, Hårkan, Indalsälven) makes it a perfect starting point for all visiting fishermen. Our camp also offer a wide range of other activities for the whole family. Visit our website for more info.

We also rent out fishing equipment, boat, canoes/kayaks and we sell fishing permits. Special canoe fishing permit with fishing access all the way from the Norwegian border down stream to our camp. Sales of fishing gear and worm.

Lits Camping Cabins and Canoes
(Little Lake Hill Canoe Center)
SE-836 92 Lit

Phone: +46 (0)0642-10247


Open 1/5 - 30/9. (You can make reservation all year round)
Full service only 1/6 - 31/8, 08.00-22.00.
Visit our website for more info.



Strömsund, Lidsjöberg, Inviken


Sjougdas Jakt & Fiskecamp (Hunting & Fishing Camp)

Fishing close by: Lake Storsjougden (Stor-Sjouten), river Sjoutälven, Lake Nåsjön, Lake Gransjöån

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Lake StorsjougenOur camp is located next to the idyllic lake Storsjougden, in northeastern Jämtland, surrounded by magnificent mountains and wonderful scenery.

Here we offer an opportunity for fishing and hunting enthusiasts to rent rooms in a large cabin with shower, toilet and TV. The campsite also offers pitches for your own caravan or motorhome. Electricity outlets are available for rent. Here you can have a unique nature experience with hunting and fishing in untouched nature.

We offer food from nature's pantry in the form of char/trout, bird, raindeer and lamb meat. We sell fishing licenses. We arrange outdoor activities according to the customer's wishes and needs. This in such a beautiful mountain village with such incredible natural resources.

Ice fishingWith us you can ice fish for char and trout in the winter months in a wonderful setting. Fresh air, fish and coffee can be pure divine in this tranquil setting. The char is active due to the weather and wind. Lake Storsjougden offers a great winter fishing. Ice fishing is available as soon as the ice sets and is as best in November-February, but maybe the experince is best at Spring when sun is warming.

Summer fishing with fly- or spinfishing gear in our close by waters can be a wonderful experience when you feel the power of a mountain trout at the end of your fishing line. The trout is preferably caught in late spring, summer and autumn. We have a boat for rent in Lake Storsjougden for anyone wanting to reach all the fishing spots in the lake.

The area also offer small game hunting, Licence are bought through The County Administrative Board of Jämtland / Natureit.

Welcome to visit us and enjoy the silence, stilness and nature experience.

Contact persons: Lena and Christer

Sjougdas Jakt & Fiskecamp
Inviken 254
SE-83397 Lidsjöberg

Phone: +46(0)73-815 72 70 or +46(0)73-695 74 94




Vaerie Fjällprodukter (Mountain Camp)

Fishing close by: River Gransjöån, Stensjöns water system.

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Fishing in peaceful and grand nature in Ohredahke Samic Village area, northern Jämtland. We offer accomodation in 4 bed seat cabin och tent hut. Choose between self catering och full pension service.

Grand nature in Ohredahke Samic Village area,We only accept a few fishermen each year to river Gransjöån and lake Stensjöns water system. Maximum 100 fishing days per area. We want to preserve this area to future generations of fishermen so they also can enjoy these virgin and beautiful places.  You will have the whole area all for your self during your stay.

Our fishing adventures departure from our base in Blomhöjden in the Frostviks mountain. You will fish at Gierkiejaevrien (Lake Stensjöns water system), never before explored for sportfishing. You can also fish at river Gransjöån, which has been rested from fishing since 2009.

At lake Stensjön is our 4-bed cabin located at the outflow of river Klingervattnet. From here you can reach all waters just by a short walk. These are pure trout waters, you fish in both rivers and lakes.

At river Gransjöån we offer a 4 km stretch of flyfishing for trout and char. The tent hut camp is located at the mid if the stretch in beautiful surroundings.. 

Visit our website for more info.
Buerie båateme! (Welcome!)

Vaerie Fjällprodukter
Fridsberg 485
SE-833 94 Strömsund

Joachim + 46 (0)70-267 72 27
Zara + 46 (0)76-846 40 14

Contact persons: Joachim and Zara Andersson






Strömsnäsgården (Farm, Ranch)

Fishing close by: River Indalsälven, Lake Gesundsjön, Ammerån, Stuguns FVO

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StrömsnäsgårdenWelcome to us at Strömsnäsgården. A scenic accommodation with Bed & breakfast in eastern Jämtland.

Comfortable rooms overlooking Gesundet. We also have cabins for rent. Chose between self catering or B&B.

We have at the farm also: farm shop, miniature golf, animals, flea market.

Close to good fishing grounds, like river Ammerån, river Indalsälven. Very good pike fishing. For more info see website

Maria Stenman
Strömsnäs 158
SE-83076 Stugun

Phone: +46 (0)73-8464755



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