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River in the middle of Jämtland. Flows just west of lake Storsjön. It flows out in lake Ockesjön which is a part of lake Storsjön. Where lake Ockesjön join the lake Storsjön is the famous Kvissleströmmen (Kvissle stream) located.

River Dammån begins at Höglekardalen, it is the river Storån that changes names to Dammån just downstream Höglekardalen. River Storån originates from the great area of lakes just east of Anarisfjället (Anaris mountain).

Species: perch, pike, grayling, burbot, whitefish, brown trout.

The fishing in river Dammån is mainly for the big upstream migrating trout, they are migrating from lake Storsjön. They can weigh up to 8 kg. The first migration begins at the end of May and it usually lasts to the middle of September. The most intense migrating period is usually in mid July to the mid of August. When the fish passes the "fish ladder" at the Åhn hydroelectric power station it is counted. The number of migrated fish varies from 500 - 1000 each year.
There are also a population of non migrating brown trout in the river.

Largest area of river Dammån is controlled/managed by Dammåns FVO:

Permits can be bought: (Online)
Camp Dammån
Höglekardalens Fjällpensionat
Mattmar Tourist Office
Gas station in Hallen village
Gas station Statoil in Myrviken

Boats can be rented in Bydalen and at Höglekardalens Holiday Village.
Fishing is permitted between 1st of June to the 31st of August. In the lakes and tarns the fishing is permitted all year round, in these water there are also population of char present.

Road description:
E 14 from Östersund to Mattmar (approx. 50 km). At Mattmar turn left to road  321 towards Hallen (approx. 20 km). Turn right towards Bydalen, Höglekardalen. Fishing Camp is located at Åhn village. When arriving from the south: road 45 from Sveg, turn left in Svenstavik towards Hallen in to road 321. In Hallen village turn left towards Bydalen and Höglekardalen.

Fishing tips:

Places: "Harredan" outside the fishing camp in the village Ån. "Rismyrströmmen" at "Åkroken". The inflow to lake Hovdetjärnen.
Also nice fishing in the tributaries; river Dörrsån and river Storån (not the same permit as for river Dammån).

Flyfishing: At the start of the season when the water level runs high use intermediate and sinklines. Later when the water level has decreased use sinktip or floating line. Many fishermen uses different kinds of streamers and other imitation of smaller fish to catch the big trout. Suggestion on dryflies to use: Streaking Caddis, Rackelhanen, Muddlers. A good idea is to use long leaders especially  when fishing in the calmer parts of the river. A well proved method to catch big trout on a dryfly is to strip a big well floating dryfly on some of the calm spots in the stream at dusk or at night you fish a streamer in some of the deep holes of the river. When the season has reached August there is a fine chance to catch the really big trout on a dryfly at the upper stretches of the river. Fish weighing up to 6 kg have been caught on dryflies o the upper beats near Höglekardalen.

Spinfishing: small dark reflex spinners, Devon spinner, smaller Rapala wobblers, Vibrax spinners. Early in the season a small wobbler could be a smart choice.


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River Dammån at Bydalen
River Dammån at Bydalen

Dammån downstream power plant at Ånn
Dammån downstream power plant at Ånn

River Dammån power plant at Ånn
River Dammån power plant at Ånn

Dammån at Höglekardalen
River Dammån at Höglekardalen