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River just north of Östersund in Jämtland. Originates from Offerdalsfjällen mountain in north west Jämtland. It flows through lake Landögssjön and 35 km downstream it flows out into the river Indalsälven, at a location 10 km east of Krokom, at Litsnäset. The river runs through limestone ground which highly contributes to the rich insect fauna.
Species: Perch, pike, grayling, burbot, whitefish and brown trout.

Nedre Långans FVO

River Långan offer both easy accessible fishing spots and more difficult ones. Långan is easy to wade. The river has many streams and rapids and in this environment the trout can be found, they can also be found in the calmer stretches and at the stream heads (stream neck). The grayling is often found in the fast but unbroken water stretches. River Långan is mainly famous for the nice  fishing for grayling but you will have great opportunities to catch both big trout and whitefish.
Fine fishing spots in the river; Bötelsforsen (big trout), Djupedan (grayling and trout), Gråmäraforsen (big trout), Holmforsen (big trout), Klöstafallet (big trout), Landvågen (grayling), Lillforsen, Långforsen (big trout), Stensvågen (grayling and whitefish), Sladderforsen (big grayling) Österlångan (great fishing for grayling in the fall and late summer). At the lowest stretches in river Långan you can caught the really big trout that rises from the river Indalsälven. River Långan have a rich population of insects, especially Mayflies are frequently occuring and this is one reason for the very great mid-day fishing for grayling.

Nedre Långans FVO

Fishing permit price (2012):
Nedre Långan: one day permit: 70 SEK, week permit: 200 SEK.

Permits can be bought here:
ICA Landön, ICA Tulleråsen, Uno-X Tulleråsen, Aspås-Kiosken Aspås,
Tourist bureau in Krokom, Sport & Fritid Krokom, Tourist bureau in Östersund
Fiskeservice Östersund, Statoil Lit,



Fishing guide service, charter fishing

Advanced Fly Casting School - Swedish Center, with Piero Letizia



Lits Camping , Cabins and Canoes Cabins for self catering, camping, Jämtland largest canoe / kayak center. Beautifully located near river Hårkan / Indalsälven.

Cottage at Oxforsen, Hårkan, nice cottage at the shoreline of Oxforsen in river Hårkan, secluded location.


Tourist information
Tourist bureau in Östersund

Tourist bureau in  Krokom


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