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AB Fiskflyg, air service (helicopter) for fishermen, hikers and hunters in northern Lappland and Norrbotten.

Allaround Tours Arrange hunting and fishing trips. Among others; fly fishing trips to rivers Tweed, Dee and Spey in Scotland

Anariset, travel to mountain fishing for wild trout and brown trout at our two fish camps in Anarisfjällen

Advanced Fly Casting School - Swedish Center, fly fishing and Tenkara with Piero Letizia

Bulldog Fly Fishing fly fishing courses in Sundsvall area.

Camp Dragsö Sportfishing, Specialize in exclusive fishing trips, cottage and boat in many different forms in the Karlskrona archipelago - Blekinge, pike fishing paradise.

Destination Lapland Pike, have you ever dreamed of pike fishing in Swedish Lapland? We are proud to introduce the concept of the Destination Lapland Pike. We offer several top-class pike destinations, starting 350 km north of Arlanda Aiport., fishing trips to our camps at Gotland and Ammarnäs and Tjuonajokk in Lapland

GoneFishing, wide range of different fishing adventures in Sweden and Norway arranged by us all year round.

Görans Flyfishing, fly fishing courses in river Klarälven, close to Sysslebäck.

Heli AB Arjeplog, fishing travels in the mountain region

Johan Broman Tackle & Event AB
Fishing travel arrangements to different destinations in Sweden, such as sea trout fishing on Gotland, wilderness fishing in northern Lapland, pike fishing in Marma and in Jämtand, trolling for salmon in Skåne, tropical fishing in Tobago and more.

Lapland Flyfishing Guided Tours
All inclusive Fishing trips to river Kaitum. Fantastic fishing on river Kaitum in Swedish Lapland. With experienced fishing guides you will be presented for the best fishing and nature in the Swedish wilderness of Lapland.

Lindahl Fiske & Natur Fishing trips to Island of Gotland and Älvdalen in Dalarna. Come with us to Gotland and fish for sea trout.
Also trips to Älvdalen in Dalarna with fishing on grayling and trout.
We also arrange fly fishing courses in the Stockholm area.

Löfdal Splitcane Rods, rodbuilding and casting courses

Nordic Footprints, Dalarna, Sweden, Fishing Trek on Fulu mountain. Wilderness fishing in Rogen Area. Mountain fishing in Lappland

Sätra Bruk Manor offers "Catch the big Pike"
Fishing package with a professional guide – catching the big pike.

Stockholm Flugfiskecenter, flyfishing-, fly casting and fly tying courses, arranged in Stockholm

Widmarks Wilderness Fishing, we arrange sea fishing travels to Norway; saltstream, Senja and Lavanger. Also travels to Åland and ice fishing in Gällivare Sweden.

Älvdalen Fishing Center fishing courses in Dalarna

Ödevata Fishing Camp, Emmaboda, offer fishing in nearby lakes, south of Småland


Drugge Flyfishing, Fly casting courses. Mattias Drugge.

Frödin Flies, Mikael Frödin. Slideshows, courses, lectures.

FlyFishingMasters fly fishing trips to Slovenien from Sweden.

Henrik Larsson fly fishing courses in Sweden

Lapland Tourist & Service, guided fishing trips, catamaran fishingtrips, snowmobile ice fishing trips out in the laplandic wilderness.


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Destination Lapland Pike

Have You ever dreamed of pike fishing in Swedish Lapland?

We are proud to introduce the concept of the Destination Lapland Pike. We offer top-class pike destinations, starting 350 km north of Arlanda Aiport.

Nice pike caught at our campPike/Perch
The pike and perch of Swedish Lapland - are not only beutiful to look at, they are also great fighters.

All our camps are well known for the truly great fishing for both species. Many of them can also offer good fishing for trout and grayling.

You can find many different "Scandinavian summerhouse sites" on the web. But we are focused to find the best places for fishing clients.

The accomodation is close to the water, with all the service you need. The owners are used to fishing clients and can give you all the help that you need for a succesful week.

Camo in GäddträskBoats/Motors
All our partners are well aware of the importance of boats and motors. We are using aluminium, fiberglass and inflatable boats. All the boats are perfect for two fishermen/boat. The engines are mostly 4-stroke engines of high quality. An increasing trend is fishing kayaks that you can find in some places.

More info can be found on site:

Contact info:

Salmo Lapland C/O Greger Jonsson
Södra Majorsgatan 12 B
SE-903 36 Umeå

Phone: +46 (0)70-6259730


blå linje / Gonefishing

GONE FISHING is a fishing event agency owned by Jonas Runnberg and Mattias Helde, themselves and and with partners arrange fishing trips, courses, guides and manages corporate events.

Want to learn about fly fishing, we have a variety of fly fishing courses where something surely suit you, we educate many boys and girls each year.

Book a course with one of our expert instructors on site in all of Sweden. Choose from single handed flycast course, two handed flycast course or join a salmon fishing course at river Mörrumsån or fly fishing course for girls. Have you been fishing fly a few years but need to improve your casting technique further? We have some of the best instructors in Sweden!

We also organize fishing trips to Iceland, Scotland, Norway and Sweden. We offer fishing in River Dee, river Gaula, river Orkla and river Mörrumsån. We offer fishing for trout, sea trout, salmon and char.

We also have an extensive range of fishing guide service. Our guides are all over Sweden and in Norway, they offer a variety of different fishing for different fish species. Everything from angling for pike, salmon fishing in Norway and Sweden, sea fishing on the west coast for sea trout and fishing in the Stockholm archipelago.

Our range includes complete fishing packages with accommodation, meals, travel, fishing license, all included.

We also have events for companies, fishing suits everyone, perfect activity at kick-off meetings, team building, and the like.

Feel free to visit our blogg at where you can read about our fishing adventures.

More info can be read on our websites:

Contact info:
Friggagatan 19
SE-416 64 Göteborg

Phone: +46 (0)707 92 82 22 or +46 (0)706 71 22 86


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Allaround Tours

Laxfiske från River TweedFishing in Scotland's wonderful nature is for many a dream in life. Fly-fishing in the classic River Tweed, River Spey and the River Dee is a fantastic experience. In March and April starts the first rise of salmon and those super fresh rosen salmon is one of the finest to catch on a fly rod.

Fly-fishing in the classic River Dee in Scotland in March and April when the really early rising salmon known as springers and those super shiny salmon arrives is completely unique.

Spey, along with Dee are one of the best and most beautiful rivers in Scotland. River Spey is traditionally known for its Spring salmon, challenging and demanding in fast streaming water.

River Tweed Borders.
Throughout the season caught many amazing fish here. The absolute peak season from 15 September to mid-November.

River Tweed also has excellent sea trout fishing in July, August, September and October with little competition from salmon fishing in July and August. Also good trout fishing May, June, July, August and early September.

One must also take the opportunity to visit some whiskey distillery, and spend a night in Edinburgh before leaving for home.

Warmly welcome to contact us at All Round Tours in Karlshamn, we serve both business and leisure travelers. We also work a lot to offer to the world the uniqueness we have in Sweden, and are constantly looking for serious partners who can offer a good product with us.

Contact person: Lars Sällström

All Around logotypeAllaround Tours / Carlshams resebyrå AB
Drottninggatan 50
SE-374 36 Karlshamn

Phone: +46 (0)454-142 35 or mobile: +46 (0)709-149394


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Lapland Flyfishing Guided Tours

All inclusive Fishing trips to river Kaitum

Join us for fantastic fishing on river Kaitum in Swedish Lapland. Together with experienced fishing guides you will be presented for the best fishing and nature in the Swedish wilderness of Lapland.

We offer all inclusive trips, we take care of everything. All you have to is fishing all day long.

We fly out to river in helicopter, and after boarding our rafting boats we drift down stream. We stay in comfortable tent huts along the best fishing stretches. Rich and good food will be served, all cooked over open fire.

Visit our website for more info:

Contact person: Pontus Lundin

Contact info:
Nordvatten AB
Staketgränd 6a
SE-54130 Skövde

Phone: +46 (0)739409866


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Welcome to Widmarks Wilderness Fishing

We arrange sea fishing travels to Norway; saltstream, Senja and Lavanger.

Read more about planned travels during 2012 on our website

We also arrange travels to Åland and ice fishing travels to Gällivare in Sweden.

Widmarks Vildmarksfiske
Marmagävlevägen 13
SE-814 95 Älvkarleby

Contact person: Peter Widmark
Phone: +46 (0)70-306 85 13


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Nordic Footprints, Dalarna, Sweden

Fishing Trek on Fulu mountain 6-9 july 2017
Join in on a great fishing trek on the Fulu Mountain. This 4 day trek starts with a short trek up on the mountain where we will make camp. The rest of the day will be spent fishing and finally a well deserved dinner. During the upcoming days we will make day tours from the base camp. Depending on the fishing we might move the camp. During the trek you will have the opportunity to fish for char and trout. Accommodation will be in tent and the guide will prepare all meals.

Wilderness fishing in Rogen area, 4-7 august 2017
Fishing adventure for you who want to experience fantastic adventure in virgin and unique nature in the south of Jämtland. We fish for trout, char and grayling in crystal clear lakes.

Mountain area fishing in Lappland
The journey for the experienced fly fisherman who wants a fun challenge.

Belly Boat fishing in Lappland
Join us on an exciting journey where we live next to the water and fish for trout and char from land and belly boats. We camp next to the water, but it is also possible to hike up and fish in streams and lakes that are further away.

Contact us for more info and prices

More info at:

Nordic Footprints
SE-790 90 Särna

Phone: +46 (0)280-84085 / +46 (0)703-749074


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Advanced Fly Casting School - Swedish Center (May –September)

Unique Fly & Spin Fishing Stages and Casting Clinics (entry level & advanced) managed by a worldwide professional – Piero Letizia.

From the season 2015 a Tenkara School PL is starting to spread this amazing technique based on easy movements enable anyone to fish with success, also those who have never tried before like ladies and kids! Tenkara PL is a new approach for a better use of this system and make easy goals!

The very long experience gained in Sweden and in particularly in Jämtland rivers: Hårkan - Ammerån – Indalsälven – Långan and more, will give you the opportunity to fish under the right guiding as well as technical assistance.

Casting tuition, in groups or single person, are provided at place of residence Ottsjön – Föllinge and practice on the nearby rivers.

The School offers many services and fishing staff like: Selected Fly and Spin Materials (Rods, Flies, Lines, Leaders, etc.), and fishing equipment (float-rings, canoe and fishing kayaks, professional bass-boats fully equipped and so on).

For further information ask directly to Piero at the following contacts:

Advanced Fly Casting School

  • Sweden (May-September)
    Phone: +46(0)73 043 73 81
    Lodge address:
    Ottsjön 123
    83060 Föllinge, Sweden
  • Italy (October-April)
    Phone: +39 335 6449009


Skype: fly_call


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Drugge Flyfishing

Mattias Drugge among the best fly casters in the world. He have educated thousands of fishermen in fly casting.

He arrange several courses, fishing schools every year all around Sweden. Also salmon fising course sin Norway.

For more info visit:


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Camp Dragsö Sportfishing

Nordic Footprints

Heli AV, Vildmarksflyg, Miekak

Jämtlands Flyg AB

Arctic Air AB, Vuoggatjålme, Flygservice

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