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Advanced Fly Casting School - Swedish Center, with Piero Letizia, river Gimån, Hårkan, Ammerån and river Indalsälven, fly fishing and Tenkara.

Almdalen Mountain Farm, guided fishing in Hotagen mountain area, for char and trout.

Ammeråns Fishing Camp fishing in river Ammerån, river Indalsälven

Anariset, mountain fishing for wild trout and brown trout at our two fish camps in Anarisfjällen

Destination Lapland Pike, have you ever dreamed of pike fishing in Swedish Lapland? We are proud to introduce the concept of the Destination Lapland Pike. We offer several top-class pike destinations, starting 350 km north of Arlanda Airport. In Jämtland we have a camps in Hällesjö and Stugun.

Fishing Guide Ronny Öberg, Trolling in lake Kallsjön in Jämtland for lake trout.

Pelles Fiske, Per Persson, flyfishing for grayling and trout, river Ammerån

Rörvattnets Fishing Camp Valsjön, Hotagen, Flinten, Rörvattnet, Skogsjö, Gunnarvattnet

Scandiwest Fly Fishing, with Lars-Åke och Jennifer Olsson in river Gimån.

Vaerie Fjällprodukter Secluded mountain area fishing, peaceful and virgin water area in grand nature in northern Jämtland

Zorbcenter Fiske river Indalsälven, Ammerån and nearby lakes and tarns


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Welcome to Anariset!

A Sami hunting and fishing company since 1996

Fishing in Anariset

When you want to fish genuine wild trout and brown trout. In natural, unspoiled streams, tarns and lakes, with big and natural reproduction. Ice fishing in early spring is at its finest.

Enjoy mountain fishing and hunting at the highest level. Char and trout fishing, hunting grouse, capercaillie or moose.

We also organize conferences / meetings, etc. in unique and undisturbed mountain environment. We can also arrange helicopter transport to our camp.

The level of service you decide. We can offer all from self catrering accommodation and fishing permit to complete travel packages with accommodation, transport and guides. It's your choice.

Our two fishing camps called Ajvin Sijte and Anasjölägret. They are both located in Anaris mountain area. The area has lots of lakes, tarns and streams, all with natural populations of trout and char. Both camps offer holiday self catering accommodation.

Read more on our website about our full range of adventure. Nature at our grounds is really inviting to other activities such as hiking, photography, ski touring, mushroom and berry picking, etc.. Come to Anariset for reflection, peace and quiet. One can happily do nothing for a few days.

Anariset AB
Hallen 111
SE-830 05 Järpen

Phone: +46(0)70-6769390

Contact person: Per Erik Jonasson


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Vaerie Fjällprodukter

Mountain area fishing in peaceful and grand nature, Ohredahke Samic Village area in northern Jämtland. We offer accomodation in 4 bed seat cabin och tent hut. Choose between self catering och full pension service.

Vaeri Mountain Fishing and NatureWe only accept a few fishermen each year to river Gransjöån and lake Stensjöns water system. Maximum 100 fishing days per area. We want to preserve this area to future generations of fishermen so they also can enjoy these virgin and beautiful places.  You will have the whole area all for your self during your stay.

Our fishing adventures departure from our base in Blomhöjden in the Frostviks mountain. You will fish at Gierkiejaevrien (Lake Stensjöns water system), never before explored for sportfishing. You can also fish at river Gransjöån, which has been rested from fishing since 2009.

At lake Stensjön is our 4-bed cabin located at the outflow of river Klingervattnet. From here you can reach all waters just by a short walk. These are pure trout waters, you fish in both rivers and lakes.

At river Gransjöån we offer a 4 km stretch of flyfishing for trout and char. The tent hut camp is located at the mid if the stretch in beautiful surroundings.. 

Visit our website for more info.
Buerie båateme! (Welcome!)


Vaerie Fjällprodukter
Fridsberg 485
SE-833 94 Strömsund

Joachim + 46 (0)70-267 72 27
Zara + 46 (0)76-846 40 14

Contact persons: Joachim and Zara Andersson



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Advanced Fly Casting School

Unique Fly & Spin Fishing Stages and Casting Clinics (entry level & advanced) managed by a worldwide professional – Piero Letizia.

From the season 2015 a Tenkara School PL is starting to spread this amazing technique based on easy movements enable anyone to fish with success, also those who have never tried before like ladies and kids! Tenkara PL is a new approach for a better use of this system and make easy goals!

The very long experience gained in Sweden and in particularly in Jämtland rivers: Hårkan - AmmerånIndalsälvenLångan and more, will give you the opportunity to fish under the right guiding as well as technical assistance.

Casting tuition, in groups or single person, are provided at place of residence Ottsjön – Föllinge and practice on the nearby rivers.

The School offers many services and fishing staff like: Selected Fly and Spin Materials (Rods, Flies, Lines, Leaders, etc.), and fishing equipment (float-rings, canoe and fishing kayaks, professional bass-boats fully equipped and so on).

For further information ask directly to Piero at the following contacts:

Advanced Fly Casting School

  • Sweden (May-September)
    Phone: +46(0)73 043 73 81
    Lodge address:
    Ottsjön 123
    83060 Föllinge, Sweden
  • Italy (October-April)
    Phone: +39 335 6449009


Skype: fly_call


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Scandiwest Fly Fishing

Lars-Åke and Jennifer Olsson have a professional fishing guide service in Idsjöströmmen in river Gimån. Here you have the opportunity to catch really big grayling and trout. Lars-Åke Olsson has created the first catch&release fishing water in Scandinavia, a paradise for every flyfishermen.

Click here for more info:



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Pelles Fiske, Per Persson

Guided tour in river Ammerån

Are you going to visit river Ammerån for the first time and want to find out where the fish is? Have you fished river Ammerån before but are you unhappy with the results? Then I have something to offer!

Guided fishing in river Ammerånby experienced fishermen who have had river Ammerån as his home water for more than 20 seasons. Shows you to the places that are best for the moment, depending on the weather, wind and water levels, at the time of the day that fits best and informs you of which flies should be used

Information: The guide service is arrranged according to what you wnat and prefer, but preferably during the afternoon and evening. Guides preferably on 1 to 4 people and never more than 8 persons. Booking is made after personal dialogue with me to ensure that it does not collide with anything else.

For contact info for Per and this guide service go to website:


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