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River Kaitum

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Tributary to river in northern Lappland. Originates from the lakes Kaitumsjöarna (Kaitumjaure) Approx. 160 km long. Flows out into the river Kalixälv at Lappeasuando.

In the upper parts of river Kaitumälven is the famous fishing camp Tjuonajokk located, at the end of lower lake Kaitumsjön. The two streams Kukkak and Taivek are located here, maybe with the best Grayling fishing in Europe.
Between the upper and lower lake Kaitumsjön runs the famous stream Tjirtjam strömmarna. Famous for its fishing for char, brown trout and very large grayling. Grayling weighing over 2 kilo have been caught here.

In the lakes Kaitumsjöarna you can fish for large trout and big pike.
Just south of the lower lake Kaitumsjön is the lake Läffa (Läffja) located, here you can fish for very large pike. Fish weighing nearly 20 kg have been caught here.

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