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Accommodation/lodging available in:

Adolfström  |  Ammarnäs  |  Arjeplog  |  Gällivare  |  Hemavan  |  Jaurekaska  |  Jokkmokk  |  Jäkkvik  |  Karesuando  |  Kiruna  |  Laisvall  |  Marsfjäll  |  Miekak  |  Rostujavri  |  Råstojaure  |  Saxnäs  |  Skaulo  |  Strimasund  |  Tjuonajokk  |  Tärnaby  |  Virisen  |  Vittangi  |  Vuoggatjålme  |  Vuonatjviken

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Ammarnäs Fjällhotell (Mountain Hotel)

Fishing close by: River Vindelälven, River Tjulån, Lake Gautsträsk, Lake Bertejaure, Giertsbäcken

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Ammarnäs Mountain HotelAmmarnäs Mountain Hotel is located in southern Lapland. Offer mountain close accommodation in fantastic surroundings.

Hotel have 30 different sized rooms, all with WC/shower. Also a 3-room apartment with kitchen for rent. av varierande storlek med dusch/wc.

Our hostel is located 75m from the hotell. Here we offer 12 4-bed seat rooms, all with WC and sink. Shared kitchen and living room.

We have mountains around us and a wonderful mountain fishing for char, trout and grayling and in river Vindelälven the famous Ammarnäs trout.

The streams of River Vindelälven attract fishermen from all over the world. In the upper stretches around Kraddsele and Ammarnäs there is great chance to get in touch with the big Ammarnäs trout,  average weight of 3.5 kg.

It is possible to ride up the mountains on Icelandic horses or a helicopter ride around the mountain massifs.

In winter the snowmobile trails take you up into the mountains where the trout are waiting or go by dogsledding. We also offer grouse hunting.

After all the activities you can relax in our pub or 28-degree pool.

More info at our website. Welcome to us.

Ammarnäs Mountain Hotel
Box 2
SE-920 75 Ammarnäs

Phone: +46 (0)952 600 03 (Hotel)
Mobile: +46 (0)70 5267017
Fax: +46 (0)952-603 45



Vindelåforsens Stugby (Holiday Village)

Fishing close by:  River Vindelälven, River Tjulån, Lake Bertejaure

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Holiday village. Cabins for rent. Both modern fully equipped cabins and cabins with "no" modern facilities located far out in the wilderness. Sales of fishing permits. Fishing guideservice.

Vindelåforsens Stugby

Box 56
920 75 Ammarnäs

Contact: Urban Berglund
Phone: (0)70-6110301



Bertejaure Fishing Camp

Fishing close by:  Bertejaure

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Bertejaure Fiskecamp and retreat is located on north shore of lake Västra Bertejaure. We bring you here by jeep and last stretch by boat.

Small cabins with LPG stove, solarcell power, wood stove, outdoor toilet.

Package deal includes cabin, boat, fishing permit and guides tour can be bought. Accommodation for 2-8 person.

In area you can fish in 30 tarns, lake  Bertejaure and nice creek Rakkaurebäcken.

Our camp offer real outdoors wilderness living.

Bertejaure Fishing Camp

Contact: Urban Berglund
Phone: (0)70-6110301



Ammarnäs Wärdshus (Inn)/Fishing Center

Fishing close by: River Vindelälven, river Tjulån, lake Gautsträsk, river Ältsån, lake Bertejaure, Giertsbäcken

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FishYourDream, AmmarnäsA flyfisherman´s dream. Ammarnäs is the gate to Vindelfjällen with marvellous fishing and one of Europe´s largest protected natural areas. You fish, stay, eat and enjoy life with us.

Ammarnäs is a small village where the road starts. Rivers Tjulån and Vindelälven meet here. Here, you find the famous big Ammarnäs trout.

Apart from Vindelälven, countless lakes and creeks offer you to target trout, char and grayling.

Our restaurant offers a´la carte dinners with locally produced ingredients. Moose, raindeer, grouse, but also vegetarian dishes with an Ammarnäs and Lapland touch.

We offer accommodation in either hotel, modern cabins ot at our hostel.

FishYourDream, AmmarnäsIf you are just passing by, please visit our shop where you can buy gear, licenses or a guiding. Make sure you explore our helicopter fly outs to exclusive waters in the mountains, in cooperation with the local Sami communities. Fish waters that are hardly fished at all with us.

Even though the Ammarnäs region is regarded as one of Sweden´s least populated areas, you can reach Ammarnäs by car, and you stay "close" to civilization.

Check our this video from Ammarnäs.

Contact address:
Ammarnäs Wärdshus co FishYourDream, Hamngatan 4
SE-62157 Visby

Phone: +46 (0)952-60200 or +46(0)733761897



Arjeplog, Jäckvik


Miekak Hunting & Fishing Camp

Fishing close by:  Miekak Hunting and fishing camp, Bartek

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Fishing at Miekak Fishing Camp

Fly fishing in the Miekak area is undoubtedly one of the country's best. The area is also known outside Sweden as one of the few real wilderness camps that remain. But although Miekak is widely famous, you will never feel crowded here. As said, the area is extensive and the number of visitors limited.

Even the icefishig in spring/winter can be so exciting and have a very special thrill. Lots of lakes and rivers to fish and if you only find the hot spots, the bites comes close. The really big fish are highly active after the long darkness of the winter, here are many impressive fishes taken every season. Not uncommon up to 3-4 kilograms.

The camp has 25 cabins of which 21 are in the camp area, each 4-bed cottage has a free boat to use and there is a possibility to rent a motor. Other cottages are scattered in the area, a cottage is located at Storselet, one at Lake Njargalis and the other two at lake 830. The cottages have 6 beds and all our cottages have complete kitchen equipment with gas stove and heater. In the camp there is also the possibility of renting a sauna booked at campus host.

The shop provides a range of canned food, bread, beer, soda, candy, some fishing gear and other good things to have. During high season (July - September) when we fly every day there are also fresh bread, milk, yoghurt etc.

Camp opens 1:st of July.

We also provide air service/charter with helicopter.

Heli AB organizes ready-made fishing packages, but also custom-made fishing adventures to other fishing spots in Arjeplogsfjällen. You can choose to depart from Arlanda or from their base in Arjeplog (Tjärnberg).

Read more about all their offer sand services at website

Miekak Jakt & Fiskecamp
93090 Arjeplog

Phone: (0)961-61240




Fishing close by:  Vuoggatjålmejaure, Skidnakjaure, Sieldutjåkkå, Ruonekjåkkå, Smuolejåkkå, Guoletisjaure

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Open all year round. Cabins for rent. New built cabins with sauna, dish washer, three bedrooms, big kitchen and nice outside area with great view of surrounding mountain area.

Fully licensed restaurant. Call for information on opening times and the current menu.

In our reception we sell  groceries, hunting- and fishing permits, boat and Vuoggatjålme Cabin Interiorsnowmobile rental, and make reservation for our helicopter service "Arctic Air".

Read more about all our services on our website

Vuoggatjålme 952
SE-93894 Arjeplog

Phone: +46 (0)961-10715



Vuonatjvikens Stugby (Holiday Village)

Fishing close by:  Misjka, Riebnes, Bartekälven, Gåbdok

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Vuonatjvikens StugbyVuonatjviken cabin village is located in the mountains of north-east of Arjeplog just south of the polar circle. Here you find yourself in road less land, surrounded by fish rich lakes with a natural population of trout and arctic char.

We have a range of modern cabins of various sizes. All located with ample distance from each other to enable everyone to take full pleasure of the beauty and solitude of the natural surroundings. The cabins have fully equipped selfcatering kitchens. You also are most welcome to enjoy dinner in our restaurant. The menu offers meals based on local products, like arctic char, moose or reindeer.

Fishing at Vuonatjvikens StugbyWe offer a varied range of fishing experiences. Vuonatjviken is situated on the shore of lake Riebnes, known for its fine arctic char. Here "långedrag" is the wise and classical fishing method. A bit further up on the mountain you find the beautifully situated lake Misjka, where one is able to catch really big char and trout. The Bartek river, reserved for flyfishing, offers a varied experience with many nice stretches, prefect trout waters! For you who wish to access the more remote lakes there is a possibility to go there by our helicopter service. Trout and char exist naturally in all water around Vuonatjviken. Boats are available for rent in both lake Riebnes and lake Misjka. We alos offer hunting, fishing guides.

Read more

Vuonatjvikens Stugby (Holiday village)
Jan o Eva Johansson
Fack 1764
SE-930 90 Arjeplog

Phone: +46 (0)961-43031





Tjuonajokk Fishing Camp

Fishing close by:  Kaitum

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Tjuonajokk Fiskecamp

For visiting Tjuonajokk you can quickly and comfortably go by helicopter. Tjuonajokk consists of 4 bed houses of self catering type: you can cook your food, dry clothes and relax. For those who wish, there is a restaurant, full licenced, where you can eat good food, have a beer and develop fish talk further.

In addition, there is a fully equipped conference room. There are of course a large sauna a few steps from the lakeshore. Through the large picture window offers stunning views of the mountains - a sauna not only for the body but also the soul.

Harr från KaitumFishing, especially fly fishing for grayling, in our streams is known throughout the world. Here you meet people of different nationalities and to fish for perhaps the world's biggest graylings. We offer skilled fishing guide service. Also hunting are offered.

Check out the video on this link, a FishYourDream video from our flyfishing paradise Tjuonajokk.

Area map

Contact/Postal address:
Tjuonajokk AB co FishYourDream, Hamngatan 4
SE-62157 Visby

+46 (0)733761897


Managed by company:






Fishing close by:  Över-Uman, Övre Umeälven

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Offer nice accommodation in old customs station, renovated into hostel with fully equipped rooms/appartments, offer in total 23 bed seats.


Strimasund FriluftslivLocated at the shore of lake Uman, 40 km northwest of Hemavan toward the Norwegian border (60 south east of Mo i Rana in Norway). The surrounding nature invites you to nice fishing in clear mountain lakes, long and relaxing hiking trails and excellent hunting grounds.

We can also offer you boats for rent, fishing permits, fishing guide service and in winter guided snowmobile tours.

Strimasund Friluftsliv
SE-920 66 Hemavan

Phone: +46 (0)954 37015
Mobile: +47 (0)992 89799





Welcome to Stákkonjárgga Mountain Lodge in Jokkmokk

Fishing close by:  River Luleälven, Stora Lulevatten, Lake Langas

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Stakkonjarga Mountain LodgeFishing in beautiful Lapland along the Vägen Västerut (Road to the west). Vary your grayling and trout fishing in the rushing Jaurekaska rapids, the magnificent Lake Stora Lule water and Lake Langas or other beautiful lakes in the nearby mountain area.

Experience our fantastic mountain farm Jaurekaska 1:1.

Cabins with 4-5 beds, sauna and hot tub. Water collected in the lake and in need of electricity, there is power in place.

Stákkonjárgga Mountain LodgeYou travel here by car or bus along the road to the west of the municipality of Jokkmokk.

You rent a boat or canoe for your stay or you we will be picked up by the host and get a ride to the cottage. The only thing you need to bring is your leisure equipment, your clothes and your food - the rest are in place.

We also offer small game hunting, snowmobiling, recreation in fantastic surroundings - berry picking, hiking and skiing in untouched ancient mountain forest.

Phone: +46 (0)73-0740514 / +46 (0)70-5276838
Like us on Facebook:



Kiruna, Karesuando


Máttaráhkká - Northern Lights Lodge (Kiruna)

Fishing close by:  River Torneälven

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A unique place to stay at if you want to see the Northern Lights and experience our beautiful surroundings and great winter excursions

Máttaráhkká - Northern Lights LodgeWe can offer you a very warm, cozy and peaceful staying – perfect for couples or friends who are travelling together.

The Lodge has seven double rooms, each of them with a loft and an ensuite bathroom. We have an open plan lounge with a fireplace and comfortable chairs where you can lean back and relax with a drink.

All of our meals are served in a dining room next to the lounge – during breakfast you can enjoy the best breakfast view in Kiruna – the snowcovered mountains.

We also have a relax area with a sauna where you can book an evening in our Northern Light hot tub which is placed outside on the roof with an excellent view over the night sky.

At the Lodge you can borrow our snowshoes and go for a walk outside, lie down on a reindeer skin and warm yourself with a cup of hot chocolate and If it is a clear sky you will hopefully see the Northern Lights dancing in the night sky above you.

At the lodge you have access to free WIFI, free coffee, tea and biscuits and you can also borrow our snowshoes and cross-country skis for free.

We welcome you to a home away from home!

Other services: Hunting, fishing, canoeing, wilderness, adventure, accommodation, air travel, business arrangements, conference service, etc.

Máttaráhkká - Northern Lights Lodge

Phone: +46 (0)980-19191



Laisvall, Adolfström


Adolfströms Handelsbod & StugbyAdolfströms Handelsbod & Stugby

Fishing close by:  River Laisälven, Laisan, Yraft, Mittisjön, Laddve, Lomtjärn, Gaitsjaur, Rappasjöarna, Lutaure, Veijeströmmen

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Adolfströms Handelsbod & StugbyOpen all year round. A modern recreation center with personal service. You can rent boats and fish for pike, trout and char in lakes and rivers located in the surrounding area.

Cabins in different price ranges. All cabins are fully equipped for self-catering, most cabins also have WC, shower and a fire place. On the ground we have conference rooms and a café with Lapplandic specialities on the menu, a service house with WC, shower, sauna, kitchen, microwave oven and drying rooms. You can also use the freezer and fish smoker.

We offer hunting, fishing and hiking guide service.

Fishing in AdolfströmOur shop also have a small assortment of fishing gear, all you need for your fishing around here.

We also arrange complete fishing adventures.

Adolfströms Handelsbod & Stugby
Adolfström 168
93893 Laisvall

Phone: +46 (0)96123041, +46(0)701908299

Contact persons:
Marianne & Caroline Thorfve


Stora Björnstugan

Fishing close by:  River Laisälven, river Dellikälven, Ajsjávvre, lake Laisan, lake Gautosjön

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The area surrounding offer real good fishing. You can fish for pike, trout, grayling and char. All types of waters; from forest rivers, mountain lakes, tarns and mountain rivers and big inland lakes.

Stora BjörnstuganOur 130 m˛ cabin is a high-standard cabin 50's-70's wooden style, situated just 200m from the river Laisan with a view over the mountains!

With a 130 square meter, our cabin has a perfect size for families or groups up to 9 persons: a fully equipped and modern kitchen spacious living-room with an open fireplace & 3 distinct spaces for dining, reading & relaxing 4 bedrooms: 3 of them with two single-beds, equipped with a wash-basin, rope-closet & 1 bunkbed into a simple room a sauna suitable for 4 persons at once

Fishing near Stora BjörnstuganWe make sure you will have dry firewood for the fireplace. You are free to borrow books, games and maps.

We also rent out bots and canoes.

Stora Björnstugan
Laisvallbyvägen 12
930 93 Laisvall

Mobile: +46 (0)70-5647303, +46 (0)70-3834220


Also on

Contact persons:
Lisa Angberg & Thierry de Pablos


Saxnäs, Marsfjäll


Saxnäsgården Hotel & Conference

Fishing close by: Ransarån, Satsån, Saxån, Ransaren, Gikasjön, Kultsjöån, Kultsjön, Bielite, Marsån, Fiskonbäcken

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Our location offer a good starting point for all fishermen visiting fishing waters in our surrounding area. Kultsjödalen offer a wide varity of fishing waters, both rivers, lakes and mountain tarns give you the best opportunities to find good fishing.

Saxnäsgården Hotell & KonferensFish all day and stay comfortable in our hotell, hostel or cabin during evenings and nights. Here you can eat good in our restaurant with view over the mountain Marsfjällen. Contact us for suggestions on what fishing waters to visit, we can also help you plan a fishing trip.

Saxnäsgården is open all year round, located in beautiful surroundings, only one ours drive from Vilhelmina airport.

Saxnäsgården Hotel & Conference
Axel Arons Väg 4
SE-910 88 Marsfjäll

Reception desk: +46 (0)940-37700



Tärnaby, Virisen


Virisen Lapland

Fishing close by:  Lake Virisen, river Granån

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Active mountain farm located at 605 m above sea level, approx. 50 km south east of Tärnaby.

Virisen LaplandWe have nice 4-bed log cabins for rent, fully equipped with shower, WC and electr. Nearby, next to lake Virisen is a sauna located which you have free access to.

Renting out boats (with or without motor), snowmobile, Laplander tent for 5 people. (a Moskosel ). Guiding service. Fishing for trout and char in small tarns, creeks and on lake Virisen. Offers flyfishing on waters own by the goverment.

We are selling fishing permits for state owned fishing waters. We also have an minimarket where we sell groceries, sportfishing equipment and local producéd food.

We also have a restaurant with the farm's home produced ingredients on the menu. Fishing for trout and char in small lakes, streams and in the lake Virisen. Fly fishing on quoted waters. Fishing license prices and info here

Road description

Virisen Lappland
Virisen 105
920 64 Tärnaby

Mobile: +46(0)70-27 44 188

Contact persons:
Tomas and Gunilla Olofsson





Vittangi Wärdshus (Inn)

Fishing close by:  Lainioälven, Torneälv

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WVittangi Wärdshuse offer fishing and rare conference possibilities and nature experiences all year round in the biggest wilderness area in north of Europe.

Bar & restaurant , 65 seats, 18 rooms. Conference rooms and sauna.

Vittangi Wärdshus (Vittangi Inn)
Gästisvägen 27
980 10 Vittangi

Phone: (0)981-100 24



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