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Miekak is located 50 km north of the Arctic circle in the heart of Lappland mountain region. Approx. 100 km Northwest of Arjeplog, 40 km from the Norwegian border. The river Piteälven originates from this area. Incredible opportunities for fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities. You can visit this "roadless" region by chopper from Tjärnberg located at the Silvervägen, or by snowmobile at the winter from either Silvervägen or from Örnvik located at lake Tjeggelvas.



Miekak Hunting and Fishing Camp:

25 cabins, 21 of them are located in the camp area and 4 of them is placed at other lakes in the region: The cabins are fully equip. Bed-linen can be rented. A small store is located at the camp.
2100 hectare (approx. 5250 acres) mountain waters. 20 lakes and approx. 10 km of streams. The best char fishing in Sweden and a very good brown trout fishing. And the grayling from the river Piteälven is famous for its size.

Many fishermen say that the streams Pieskeströmmarna is one of the best fishing spots for catching big char in the whole world. Mellanströmmarna, Kanonröret, S:et, Storhöljan and Storselet are very famous spots, where there have been caught very much of big char and brown trout through the years.
Fishing season: 1/7 - 15/9

The Camp opens 1/7

Miekak Hunting & Fishing Camp (Miekak Jakt & Fiskecamp)

Airsevice by Heli AB (helicopter).

Arranges complete fishing trip packages, but also can assist you in arranging your own personal fishing trip to other places in the mountain region surrounding Arjeplog. You can chose to departure from Arlanda airport in Stockholm or from their home base in Arjeplog (Tjärnberg). Read more about their fantastic adventure offerings on their homesite :


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Miekak Hunting & Fishing Camp (Miekak Jakt & Fiskecamp)
Miekak Hunting & Fishing Camp (Miekak Jakt & Fiskecamp)
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