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River in south Norrbotten and mid Lappland. Approx. 370 km long. Originates from the area surrounding the mountain Sulitelma just north of lake Pieskehaure. Runs on its journey towards the sea through the lakes Pieskejaure, Tjeggelvas and Vuolvojaure, passes the village of Älvsbyn and just west of Piteå it flows out into the bay Svenbyfjärden and finally it flows out into the Bottenhavet sea at Pitehavsbad.

Piteälven can be divided into three different types of river. First stretch from Mavasjaure down stream to lake Tjeggelvas it is a mountain region river. From lake Tjeggelvas down stream to Storforsen it changes into a forest river. The last stretch from Storforsen to Piteå och Bottenviken are more like a coastal river.

It has few tributaries, but many grand rapids. Most famous is probably the rapid Storforsen. The river is a real wilderness river on the northern stretches. In the upper areas the terrain is unbroken. Downstream the rapid Storforsen is the river more easy accessible through small roads on both side of the river

Species of fish: Grayling, brown trout, salmon, sea trout, whitefish, pike and perch.



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