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Lake in mid Lappland. Located 50 km north of Arjeplog. The river Pite älven flows through this lake. Biggest depth is 65 m. and the lake is located 450 m.a.s.l.

The lake is very famous for catches of very big char. In the lake there are also a hybrid specie called Larctic char, ("kröding" in Swedish), it is a hybrid between a Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus) and a lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush). Approx. 2 percent of the population are "Larctic char". It has been caught "Larctic char" of 13.62 kilos, 96 cm long.

The surrounding nature of Tjeggelva consists of rocky cliffs surrounding the shores, which descends right into the lake. The area was allocated to nature reserves in 1988 and is today included in the EU's ecological network of protected areas, called Natura 2000.

Fish species: perch, pike, grayling, larctic char, burbot, arctic char, whitefish, trout.

Fishing regulations 2016 for trolling fishing: Fishing with 3 rods per fisherman with max 1 bait / rod allowed. Max 6 rods per boat. Max 3 salmonoid fish (trout, char, grayling) per fisherman and day may be kept.

Fishing permits: So called "Arjeplog permit" is valid in almost the whole lake. But specific areas in the northern parts of the lake is private fishing.

Lake navigation charts can be bought from GK:s Fiske in Arjeplog

Boat ramp is available at Stenudden.

Fishing permits are sold by:
Arjeplog Tourist Office
GK:s Fiske in Arjeplog
Heli i Arjeplog/Miekak Fiskecamp
OKQ8 Norrbotten Arjeplog

Tip from other fishermen: Recommended lures when trolling: Shad Rap, or other gold coloured lures or spoons.


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