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Adolfströms Handelsbod & StugbyAdolfströms Handelsbod & Stugby
Adolfström 168
SE-93893 Laisvall

Phone: +46 (0)96123041, +46(0)701908299

Contact persons:
Marianne & Caroline Thorfve

Adolfströms Handelsbod & StugbyLocal shop. Open all year round. A modern recreation center with personal service. You can rent boats and fish for pike, trout and char in lakes and rivers located in the surrounding area.

Our shop also have a small assortment of fishing gear, all you need for your fishing around here.

Cabins in different price ranges. All cabins are fully equipped for self-catering, most cabins also have WC, shower and a fire place. On the ground we have conference rooms and a café with Lapplandic specialities on the menu, a service house with WC, shower, sauna, kitchen, microwave oven and drying rooms. You can also use the freezer and fish smoker. We offer hunting, fishing and hiking guide service.

We also arrange complete fishing tours.


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Fish Your Dream

Ammarnäs Inn/Fishing Center

Contact address:
Ammarnäs Wärdshus co FishYourDream, Hamngatan 4
SE-62157 Visby

Phone: +46 (0)952-60200 or +46 (0)733761897


In our store you find all you need for your fishing, winter or summer. Besides fishing gear and licenses you also book guiding or swap stories with fellow anglers. Outdoor gear and local handicraft is also offered as well as rental fishing gear.

We stock gear from Vision, FlyDressing, Dr. Slick, Petitjean, Loon and many more.


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GK:s Fiske
Storgatan 19
SE-93831 Arjeplog

Phone: +46(0)961-100 89



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Storgatan 28
SE-93333 Arvidsjaur

Phone: +46 (0)960-10433

Sells everything you need for mountain fishing. Spin, reel, fly, angling. Fishing license sales for most mountain water in Arjeplog and Arvidsjaur


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Team Sportia
Upplagsvägen 17
SE-982 38 Gällivare


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Team Sportia
Storgatan 20
SE-96232 Jokkmokk


Phone: +46 (0)971-12030


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Föreningsgatan 7
SE-98131 Kiruna

Phone: +46 (0)980-82215

Mountain-, fly-, salmon-, sea- and ice fishing. Sales of Leisure products, clothes, camping, boots. Boots, hunting, etc. Equipment rental and information service for local fishing.


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Markussons Bygg Järn & Fritid AB
Blå Vägen 207
SE-92331 Storuman

Phone: +46 (0)951-10001


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Björnen Service
Sördal 112
SE-92399 Storuman

Phone: +46 (0)951-10934

Service and spare parts for several different reels. Spare parts from the 20's to the 90's.


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Tärnaby, Hemavan

Cykel & fiskecenter i Hemavan
Renstigen 1
SE-920 66 Hemavan

Phone: +46 (0)954-40 05 11



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Grönlunds Jakt & Fiske
Volgsjövägen 21C
SE-91234 Vilhelmina

Phone: +46 (0)940-55907

Offers everything you can imagine in hunting and fishing and we will provide as wide a range as possible at the best possible price. The store is located in Vilhelmina, if you passing "the pearl of Västerbotten", please visit us!


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Virisen LapplandVirisen Lappland

Virisen 105
SE-920 64 Tärnaby

Phone: +46 (0)70-2744188

Contact persons:
Tomas and Gunilla Olofsson.

Service shop with sale of sports fishing equipment for summer and winter, our products are adapted to our waters. Locally tied flies, ice drills, hooks, rods, lines, lures, baits, headlamps etc. accessories. We also sell candy, soda, basic goods, fast food, exclusive ingredients like grouse, forest birds, trout and char from mountain lakes, lamb meat etc. We also have a restaurant with the farm's home produced ingredients on the menu. Fishing for trout and char in small lakes, streams and in the lake Virisen. Cabin rental, guided service, etc.

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