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Råstojaure, Rostujávri

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Lake in north-west Lapland at the border to Norway. Located in roadless land at 678 meters above sea level, approx. 100 km north of Kiruna. The two main tributary are the river Råstoätno in the east and river Råstoälven in the west. The surrounding area is dominated by sandridges and mires. This geographical region is in general called the Sandåslandet (Sandridgeland). The far west part of the lake is located in Norway and is a part of Upper Dividals National Park. There are no roads leading up to the lake, the lake is only accessible by airplane or hiking and in the winter by snowmobile or skies.

The lake have a nice population of char and grayling and in the surrounding creeks and rivers brown trout can be caught. The lake have a reputation among fishermen for it's well sized grayling.
Though the number of insect species are few, still very intensive hatching can take place and create feeding frenzy among the fish.

Fishing usually takes place from boat, but it works fine to fish from the shores. The best time is usually from the beginning of July to the mid of August. Ice fishing from April to Beginning of June

Equipment, flyfishing:
Since the area surrounding the lake is fairly flat the wind is often blowing more or less. Therefore you shouldn't bring to light equipment. A rod #6-7 is suitable. Bring both a floating, a sink-tip and a sinker line.
Fly suggestion: Caddi imitations; Rackelhanen, Europea-12, Superpuppan, Streaking Caddis and some weighted pupae imitations. Other recommended flies: Bibio imitations, Klinkhamer Special, Black Gnat, March Brown Silver, Red Tag, Bloody Butcher, Black & Peacock Spider, Black Zulu, also bring some streamers; Montana nymph, Prince nymph, Wholly Bugger m.fl.

Equipment, spin fishing:
A light rod and reel, 0,20-0,25 line.
Lure suggestion: Mepps spinner, (a tip is to make them a bit heavier to help you reach the correct depth). Fly leaders with two or three flies attached, Reflex spinner, small spoons.

Also ice-fishing is popular here.

A small fishing camp is located next to the lake, with cabins for rent. Open all year round.

For more information on fishing or cabin reservation contact: Rostujávri Wilderness Camp



Area map
råstojaure11.gif (22102 bytes)
1. Råstoätno (Rostoeatnu, Råstätnu)
Aktsajåkkå (Ákcajohka)
Aktsajaure (Ákcajávri)
Våkajaure (Boggejávri)
Omatjaure (Omatjávri)
Voulimus (Rávdujávri)
Baurdaljaure (Bárdaljávri)
Njargajaure (Njárgajávri)
Härkejaure (Heargejávri)
1. Fishing camp
Over night cabin
Over night cabin
Red dots: Hike trail


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