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Tributary to river Kalixälven. Swedens largest forest river. Originates from the area just east of Gällivare in Lapland. Flows into the river Kalixälven near Överkalix.

Famous for the excellent salmon fishing. Also a lot of grayling are caught here every year. For many years the river hold the record for the biggest grayling ever caught on a rod in Sweden. Very suitable for fly fishing.
Airports nearby: Kalix and Gällivare

River offer fishing for grayling, salmon, brown trout, burbot, bream and perch.


Ullatti FVO, (also more info on Swedish version of this site)

Ängesåns FVO, 80 km long stretch (from where river Linaälv flows out in river Ängesån down stream to the outflow in river Kalixälven.) For more info go to website:
(Also more info on Swedish version of this site)


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