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Lake in  western Jämtland, in  Åre municipality. Located at 526 meter over sea level. The river Enan and river Handölan are Lake Ånnsjöns largest tributaries. These rivers has a joint outflow into the lake and form the river Handöls delta. The shores has a very shifting appearance, with miles of sandy beaches, klobberstone, luxuriant vegetation  and erosion shores. The lake is a very popular site for bird watchers.
In the lake Ånnsjön lives a very large population of char and trout. The trout is a upstream spawner in the rivers of  Handölan, Järpån, Rekån and Harrån and down stream spawner in the Landverkströmmen (Landverk stream). Species: Trout, char, grayling, lake trout (Canadian char).....

Road description:
3 km west of Ånn village, turn south from road E14 towards Klocka village. After 2-3 km you arrive to Klocka village, here you can buy fishing permits and rent boats. You can also continue on road E14 to Enafors village and there turn south towards Handöl, here you can also buy fishing permits and rent boats.
Note! Not the whole lake is accessible for fishing by buing the fishing permit. Some areas of the lake is restricted.

Fishing: Lake Ånnsjön can offer a very nice fishing, with a original population of trout and char. Around mid summer, when the insect larvae's are hatching, the fishing is best. Also the fishing in August is good. Then the water is warmer and the fish is more movable. Suitable fishing equipment for the fishing in the mountain waters are a light spinn rod or a fly rod class 5-6 or 6-7. Minimum size for caught fish is 200 millimetres.

To catch the lake trout it is recommended to fish in the deep water on the lakes east and south areas. To catch a char a small rapalawobbler dragged by a surface going paravane can do the trick.
On the island Järpön there is a small tarn called Renattjärn, no fishing allowed. The tarn has a population of trout and char

Water owner
Samrådsgr. Ånnsjöns fiske
Granöns samfällighetsförening
Handöls Skifteslag Samff.
Klocka skifteslag
Statens fastighetsverk

Fishing permits available at:
Online thru:
Permit card machine in Handöl
Pensionat Handöl
Lilla Åreskutan Camping, Ånn
Ånnsjöbua, Ånn
Hanris café, Handöl
Gas station Uno-X, in Storlien
Fiskesevice, in Östersund
Enaforsholm Friluftsgård
Klocka Gård, Klocka, also boat renting


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