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Lake Bodsjön

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Lake in south Jämtland, located approx. 40 km south of Östersund, 15 km west Gällö. 307 meters over sea level. The lake is relative deep and don't have many grounds. The lake have been undergoing a very extensive environment preservation program during many years. Each year there are put out both trout and char into the lake.

Very nice trolling fishing for trout and char. A boat launching pad is located at Flatnorsundet.
Boats for rent is located at Strupen on the west shore of the lake.
A good fishing tip is to fish with a small wobbler near the shore line. If you are after the real big ones you can try a to fish at some distance from the shore. Where the water depth is bigger.


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  • Cabins for rent is available in Bodsjöbyn village
  • Contact the tourist bureau in Bräcke
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