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- River Byskeälv -

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River Byskeälven is a typical Salmon river. It drops very steep and there a lot of rapids. At the lake Kilver (362 meter over sea level) south of  Arvidjaur the river begin its 140 km long journey to the sea. It flows out into the Bottenhavet sea at city of Byske.   The steepest stretch is the 35 km long beat between Fällforsen and the sea, where it drops 165 meter. The river is one of the biggest "forest river" in Sweden. The river Byskeälven total reproduction potential for salmon has been calculated to 270 hectare (675 acres). It is easy to access the river from small roads on both side of the river.

The whole river is very suitable for salmon fishing. But most of the salmon fishing is done at the 35 km long stretch from Fällfors downstream to the river mouth. Upstream Fällfors are there nice beats which have the potential for great salmon fishing. Here the river is more narrow and more accessible for sportfishing. The fishing is today divided into 5 zones, from the river mouth up to the province border.

The ice break up often begins  during the first half of May. The salmon rises at the end of May and sometimes in the mid of May. The rise is at its peak at midsummer, but the rise continue of and on until the fall.

The  whole river and its tributaries is accessible for fishing. Also the fishing for brown trout and grayling is very good.

Among already mentioned species are there also sea trout, pike, perch, white fish, burbot and ide...

Byske River FVO, part in Västerbotten

Permit price 2013:
24 hour permit: 150 SEK
Week permit: 750 SEK
Full year: 1500 SEK
Zone permit 1-5: 500 SEK/year

1 salmon/day

Fishing permits are sold at
Affär'n in Abborrträsk
Arvidsjaur: Arvidsjaur Tourist Office, Intersport, OK Q8, Camp Gielas, Teckans Kiosk Glommersträsk: ICA Finnbergs
Piteå: Fritid and Vildmarksliv

Byske River Upper FVO

Link: http://www.byskealven.se/norra/


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