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River Emån

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River in the province of Småland. Originates from the Småland high country (Småländska höglandet) near the village of Bodafors. Flows towards the sea through the citys of Vetlanda, Högsby and flows into the Sound of Kalmar just south of the ciy of Oskarshamn at Em. Approx. 220 km long. World famous for the sea trout and Salmon fishing. Especially the sea trout fishing is extra ordinary. The sea trout caught here are among the biggest in the world.

Fishing stretches


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Stretch from Emsfors to the out flow in the sea. This stretch is ownd and managed by the Em Manor. Sportfishing on this stretch begun as early as the 1880-talet and has been run by the family Ulfsparre from the manor Em.

Here you can fish for sea running trout and salmon

Pool names, stated from the sea and upstream: Sea pool, Pier pool, Lawson pool, Barrett pool, Ankarcrona pool, Home pool, Pike pool, Island pool, Black Water pool, Fence pool, Stone pool, Mill pool and Lock pool.

Fishing permits are only available by reservation.

Fishing administrator 2017: Kent Håkansson.

Asdress for permit application:
Ems Herrgård
Em 301
SE-38391 Mönsterås

Ems Herrgård,





The Grönskog stretch offer Sea trout and salmon fishing in river Emån during Spring and Autumn season, March-April, and September. The fishing environment is very varied, natural and demanding with 6 km riverside including 2-3 km rapid streams. Fly- and spinfishing.

The variety of nature at Grönskogs Gård offers exciting experiences around our water ways. We also offer accommodation, self catering cottages.




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Catch statistics (only reported catch):

year Sea trout Salmon
2016 744 164
2015 336 56
2014 580 107
2013 515 80
2012 483 70
2011 362 40
2010 465 97
2009 643 127
2008 668 141
2007 560 53
2006 444 103
2005 615 120
2004 767 115
2003 829 98


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