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- Hjortseryd Wilderness-

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Welcome and send in fishing info and reports on river Hjortseryd, mail us

Scandinavia's southernmost wilderness. Hjortseryd is a scenic wildernesslike area located in the southwest of Småland near the small village of Vrå. The surroundings is dominated by pine forests, mire and smaller lakes. 

Here you can fly fish for brown trout in small tarns and fish for perch and pike in natural populated waters. All fishing in our area are only available by reservation and are open for groups of 5 to 25 fishermen. We have prearranged fishing packages.

The lake with trout and raibow has an abundant population of stocked trout and rainbow trout of good size. The lake has a sandy bottom and a rich insect and bird life. At the lakeside you have access to wind shelter with grill. Spin- and fly fishing allowed.

Pike fishing in the shallow lake about. 9 acres, easy to wade. The lake has many coves and reed beds that give big pike protection. Good chances of experiencing an incredibly exciting surface fishing when pikes attack the poppers in the water surface, like torpedos. Spinning and fly fishing allowed, two aluminum boats with oars are included. Wind shelter at the lakeside.



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