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Hökensås Sportfiske was founded as early as 1957. The sportfishing area offer wilderness like fishing all year round in 30 put&take lakes, stocked with brown trout and rainbow. The area is located a bit inland along lake Vätterns western shore approx. 30 km southwest of Hjo and 40 km north west of Jönköping. The area has a very unique nature type, large areas are almost like northern pine moor lands. All lakes are easy accessible through many smaller forest roads. Except for the areas of pine moor the forest is a mix of fir and deciduous trees which gives a very open forest.

Species: Rainbow and brown trout (also some smaller populations some brook trout, perch and pike) In lake L. Havssjön there also are populations of char. Each year we will stock more than 40 tons of fish in to our lakes

The fishing in the lakes is divided into categories according on what fishing technique you are using. Some lakes are reserved for fly fishing only and some lakes are reserved for fly fishing and spin fishing and the third kind is reserved for fly fishing, spin fishing and angling.

There are 4 special lakes reserved for fly fishing only and with a limit number of fishermen/day. It is recommended to make reservation in good time before the fishing trip if you are intending to fish in this lakes.

Then there are also whole lakes that you can rent, this is manly for larger groups, like companies, clubs and associations. When making the reservation you can yourself decide how many kilograms of fish you want to have the lake stocked with. For more info and prices contact Hökensås Sportfishing Center

Fishing permits can be bought at the fishing center or through a fishing permit dispensing machine just outside the fishing office, accepting VISA, Mastercard and Diners Club.


Permit prices:
For info on prices go to

You can also rent boats in following lakes: Nordvattnet, Sydvattnet, Rödsjön and Ibbesjön.
Area map

Fishing rules:

One day permit allows you to catch and keep three salmonoid fish. A family permit allows you to catch and keep six salmonoid fish.

The use of live bait fish is not allowed. You are not allowed to use your own boats, canoes or similar things in either of the lakes, except for the use of Belly-boats in the following lakes: Sydvattnet, Nordvattnet.

Cinclus C Sportfishing guide take no responsibility for any errors in the text, visit http://www.hokensas.se for latest facts and info

Contact info:
Hökensås Sportfiske AB
52291 Tidaholm

Phone: +46 (0)502-23000
Fax: +46(0)502-23010

The Fishing Center have a well equipped tackle shop where you can buy or rent fishing equipment. We can also offer advanced guiding service. Each year we arrange several fishing courses. If you have special demands or wishes you are welcome to contact us for more info.
Other: Minimarket, restaurant and
Holiday Village with cottages, cabins and caravan park.


Fishing guides, fishing charter
Tackle shops
Tourism Offices


Fishing help from fellow fishermen:

Fly suggestions: Black Martinez, Prince nymph and Black & Peacock Spider. When it's dark or in the late evening it can be useful to tie on a big dry fly like a Streaking Caddis.


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