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Kilsbergen sportfishing

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Sportfishing area located in Southeast Värmland that offer nice put&take fishing in a wide variety of lakes. All the family members can find things to do.

Our lake are divided in different categories:
Flyfishing lakes; fly fishing only.
Family fishing lakes; fly fishing, spin fishing and angling with live bait.
Adventure lakes; fly fishing, spin fishing and angling with live bait.

All the lakes are located in comfortable walking distance from the road.

Lake Stenbotjärn and Lake Lobergs Abborrtjärn are adapted for physically challenge fishermen, bridges accessible from the road.

In winter lake Lobergstjärn offer nice ice fishing for char and trout. Many of them are not caught during the winter and provide nice bonus catch in the early summer season.

The area offer very high quality put&take fishing. All fish are from our own production plant, Kedjeåsens Fisk AB, born and raised in natural streaming waters, and fed with selected feed.

Fishing permits cost (2009) 140 SEK/day.
Two permits are valid as a family permit (Parents and 3 kids, bag limit 6 fish)
List on where to buy permits you can find here:
Kilsbergen Sportfiske

For more detailed info contact: Kilsbergen Sportfiske

List of fishing waters 2009:

Stenbotjärn (3,3 ha), fishing bridges, two of them are accessible from the road.
Bastkulltjärn (1,4 ha), wind shields.
Lobergs Abborrtjärn (13,2 ha), fishing bridge accessible from the road.
Trehörningen (18,4 ha), wind shields.
Kviddtjärn (4,3 ha), fly fishing only.
Lobergstjärn, char fishing during the winter season. Also open at summer.

All the lakes are also open for ice fishing during the winter.


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