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- Kroksjön Fishing Camp -
Stora Kroksjön, Lilla Kroksjön

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Lake Stora Kroksjön and lake Lilla Kroksjö are located at road 27, between Borås and Värnamo. Fishing camp and fishingwater are controlled and managed by Tranemo Sport Fishing Club.

The camp is open between April and October and offer fishing in two lakes (three lakes), they are named Stora Kroksjön (divided into two lakes) and Lilla Kroksjön.

Lake Stora Kroksjön part "A" is natural populated by perch, pike, burbot and tench.
Lake Stora Kroksjön part "B" (put&take fishing) is stocked by rainbow and trout.
Lake Lilla Kroksjön "C" (put&take fishing) is stocked by rainbow and trout.

Fishing is permitted from 05.00 to 23.00.

The camp also offer, barbeque cabins, fish grill, café, kiosk, cabins for rent, fishing equipment for rent and hiking trails.

There are 8 cabins for rent.
6 cabins: 15-16 m2, located 75 meters from lake, equipped for self catering, coffemaker, mini kitchen, central heating, refrigerator, freezer.
Wc and showers are located in service building nearby.

One cabin: 26 m2, bedroom 5 persons, living room, self catering, Wc, shower, running warm and cold water.
One cabin: 24 m2, selfcatering, bedroom and living room, bunk beds, 4 bed seats and WC.

At Lake Stora Kroksjön part "B", west of road 27 there are 30-40 seat for caravans/RV, 27 of these have access to electrical outlets. Also access to toilets, washer room. Also café open during summer.

Phone number for cabin reservation +46 (0)325-76944

For more info visit our official website at: www.kroksjon.com


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