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The bay of Laholm, a stretch of the coast between the city Halmstad in the north and the city Båstad (Hovs Hallar) in the south. Several salmon and sea trout populated rivers flows out into this bay. They are river Nissan, river Fylleån, river Genevadsån, river Lagan, river Smedjeån and river Stensån.

All kinds of fishing are suitable here, spinn fishing, trolling, angling and flyfishing. Most of the fishing is for sea trout, salmon, garfish, perch and different species of flatfish

Fishing for sea trout/salmon usaully begins 31/3 and continues until 30/9. But check latest regulations on site The best fishing for sea trout is in April and usually last to middle of May, when the fish for garfish usually begins.

Fishing in the bay is free, but remember that the areas surrounding river outlets is not free. Here you must buy fishing permits for each river.

The fishing for sea trout is best at dusk and dawn, but when the weather gets warmer the fishing is best at night-time

The best wind condition is if the wind blows from south west. A varied stony bottom with weeds and sea grass is good and the fishing spots near the river outflow is always worth a try. A good rule is: the warmer the water is, at further distance from the shore shall you fish.

Suggestions of good fishing spots:
Coal harbour in Halmstad
North of Halmstad from the swimming arena to Tylösand beach
Stretch between the river Genevadsån and river Fylleån outflows
The whole stretch between "Hovs Hallar" and Båstad, especially the surroundings of  Kattvik and Gardens of Norrviken (Norrvikens trädgårdar)
The outflow of river Lagan is a classic spot for flatfish anglers

Fishing tips for fly fishermen:
Mickey Finn or other colourful streamers in the early. When the Chaetopod begins its spawning the fish gets picky, at this time the Chaetopod imitations works best. Further into the season trout can also be caught on dryflies.

Dryflies: At dusk: Streaking caddis, dark muddlers or other flies that create a sharp silhouette against the sky. Other well floating dryflies works fine (size 12-16) e.g   Rackelhanen, E-12 and Variant flies.


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Fiskeguide i Laholm, fishing in south of Halland, near coastline fishing for salmon, sea trout. Also lake fishing for pikeperch.



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