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River in mid Halland and west. Approx.  200 km long. Originates from the area between Bottnaryd and Jönköping in Småland. Flows out into the bay of Laholm (Laholmsbukten) at Halmstad. On its journey towards the sea it flows through the cities of Gislaved, Smålandstenar, Hyltebruk, Oskarsström and Halmstad. Fishing for salmon, sea trout,   brown trout, pike and perch.





Fishing stretch Oskarström - outflow at Halmstad

Salmon and sea trout fishing. The fishing district is divided into 9 zone (pools). Located upstream from Oskarström (at the dam at Ry bruk) all the way downstream to the outflow into the sea. Pool 3 and 8 are reserved for flyfishing only. At zone 0, i.e. downstream  Slottsbron (castle bridge), no permit necessary from the 16th of May - but the districts fishing rules are applied here.
Bag limit: 3 salmonoid fish/day
Minimum size: Salmon: 50 cm (measured from front of the nose to the far end of the tail fen). Sea trout: 40 cm. Fish that are not big enough must be released back to the river. Detailed rules are placed at the permit sale places.

Fishing season: From the 1th of March to the 30th of Sept.. Zone 9 to the 14th of Oct.
Species: Salmon, sea trout, perch, pike and eel

In 1998 there were caught approx. 175 salmon (reported catch).


Fishing permits are sold at:
Tourist bureau
Tackle shops
: Wittlocks Sportfiske
Youth hostel Birkagården
in Åled
Spånstad kiosk in Åled
And in some shops located nearby the river.


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Norra Nissadalens stream fishing
Location in Sweden
Area map

News 2010-06-07.
Fishing for trout is closed in these stretches inside "Norra Nissandalens Fishing preservation area" until 2015.

A couple of miles Southwest of Jönköping at Norra Unnaryd is the Norra Nissadalens stream fishing located. It is located in a unique sportfishing and wilderness area in the municipality district of Jönköping. Together with the tributaries Svanån creek and  Radan creek, the river Nissan here forming a 30 km long continuous stream fishing, along with two lakes. Here are fishing possibilities for all kind of fishermen both beginners and more experienced ones.
Species of fish: Brown trout and rainbow (put&take)

The area is divided into three zones:
Zone 1, includes the Spafors stretch and the whole length of   Svanån creek.
Zone 2, includes lake Vattla and river Nissan downstream the sawmill.
Zone 3, includes river Nissan upstream the sawmill to downstream Vallgårda Athletic club.

Fishing season: The fishing is best in May - September.

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