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- Lake Lossen -

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Lake in mid Härjedalen. The river Ljusnan is one of the lakes tributaries. Fishing for trout, grayling, whitefish, perch, pike and burbot.


Each year there are caught very big trout in the lake.
Trolling is a common technique here, the fishing can be very successful.
Fishing is not allowed upstream the Tännbron (Tänn bridge) at road 84. All fishing at the lakes in- and outflow are forbidden from 1th of Sept. to 31th of Oct.

Fishing permits prices (2009):
24 hour permit: 100 SEK
Week permit: 350 SEK
Trolling permit: 230 SEK/day

Boat rent: 100 SEK/day

Fishing permits can be bought at Tännäs Fishing Centre:

For more information about the fishing contact:
Tännäs Fishing Centre


Tackle Shops
Tourist bureau, info



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Lake Lossen