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Sportfishing area located in north east Småland. A 5000 hectare big area with 20 lakes (in total 360 hectare) and 10 cottages. 4 of the lakes are stocked with rainbow trout and brown trout. The other lakes  are natural populated with pike, perch, tench and some other species. The secluded location and the beautiful valleys brings every year many visitors to the area. Risebo also offer hunting for roe deer, moose, hare, fox and wild boar

The surrounding area of the lakes are equipped with wind shields, campfire places and toilets. The area has 10 cabins of high standard for rent.

The Risebo Fishing area is open all year round. Depending on the ice situation the fishing season varies but usually it starts at the end of April and end in November. At winter the area offers ice fishing for rainbow, brown trout, pike and perch.

Two of the lakes are reserved for flyfishing only. In all other lakes are spinnfishing and angling with live bait permitted. Recommended equipment are for flyfishing; light gear, #5-7. For spinnfishing light gear, though pikes weighing over 10 kg have been caught here.

Boats for rent.

Lakes in the area:
Population of rainbow or trout: Stora Sarvgöl, Tingstadgöl, Stengöl, Loftersgöl och Vappa.
Others: Antvarden, Hemsjön, Holmsjön, Ålsjön, Mossgöl, Risen, Torra, Trollsjön, Hagsjön, Barngölarna, Stora Vrången, Ämten, Stora Björngöl.


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