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River Rönneå

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Originates from lake Ringsjön in mid of Skåne. Flows north west and flow out in the sea at Skälderviken bay at Ängelholm. 83 km long. Larger tributaries: Rössjöholmsån, Pinnån, Bäljaneå, Klövabäcken, Ybbarpsån and Kägleån. General water flow 22 m/s

The river offer nice salmon and sea running trout fishing all the way from Skälderviken bay up to Klippan where the fish is stopped by paper mill dam construction, "Stackarpsdam". On stretches above this dam offer fishing for pike, roach, perch, bream, brown trout and more.

Salmon rises early in river Rönneå, often in early March, sea running trout starts around mid summer.

The right to fish is diveded by several land owners. Most stretches not open for public. But some are open for public by permit sales.


Lower Rönneå at Ängelholm,  through Ängelholms municipal

From outflow in sea and 5 km upstream. Salmon, sea running trout, perch and pike. Open for fly-, spin fishing, angling. Permit are sold by Varuhallen Hobby in Ängelholm, Sportfiskedepån in Helsingborg, Tourist Office Ängelholm

Klippan Sportfishing Club 

Stretch from Forsmölle dam and just down stream Stackarpsdam, with exceptions. Fishing permit that allows public to fish are sold by the club:

Permit are sold at: Tourist Office Ängelholm, Varuhallen Hobby in Ängelholm, Sportfiskedepån in Helsingborg.

Tommarps Ene

Tommarps Ene and 3 km down stream Tommarps Kungsgård. Fishing for salmon and sea trout. Fly- and spin fishing. Permits are sold by minimarket shop "MatÖppet" in Kvidinge and Varuhallen Hobby in Ängelholm, Sportfiskedepån in Helsingborg.

Tommys fiske

Salmon fishing stretch. Permits are sold in Kvidinge


Stretch from lake Ringsjön and down stream to Forsmöllan outside Klippan are diveded among several private land owners. Many stretches offer nice brown trout and pike fishing. But not many stretches are open for public, so to access these stretches requires land owners permission.


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