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Rotälven (Rotnen)

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River in Dalarna and southern Härjedalen. Originates from lake Nedre Rottensjön. Flows out into river Österdalälven near Rot. Flows through lake Mossi. Most of the river flows through the Älvdalen FVO area. The river flows through genuine wilderness, if you are lucky you can see both bear and moose.

Fishing for trout and grayling is usally best the weeks around midsummer, but also the early fall can offer nicé fishing.



Stretch in  Älvdalen FVO


Area map

A approx.50 km long stretch with fishing for brown trout, grayling, pike, perch and bream. At the northern stretches only trout.

Fishing season begins at 1/5 and last until 31/8. Most of the river are easy accessible from road  except from the nothern parts. The northern part can sometimes be closed, because they are located in a shooting range area. Fishing is usally best from mid June to mid July.

Fishing permits:
Can be bought at 
Älvdalen Fishing Center, Älvdalen Sportcenter, the permits are also sold at many other places. The permit allows you to fish in all waters included in the Älvdalen FVO.

For more info on fishing in the area of Älvdalen FVO contact Älvdalen Fishing Center




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