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Stensjö Wilderness area

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Fishing area (150 hectare) located in wilderness area in western Medelpad and southeast Jämtland, approx. 30 km west of Ånge. Offers nice fishing for trout, char and rainbow. The area have 11 fishing waters that requires fishing permits. You can also get guided hunting tours inside the area for both small and big game.

Waters inside the area:

Stensjön (lake)- trout, char (big population).
Myrtjärn (tarn) - trout.
Hundtjärn (tarn) - trout, rainbow.
Lill-stensjön (lake) - trout (big population), char.
Djupgrötvattnet (lake) - trout.
Långgrötvattnet (lake) - trout.
Gröttjärn (tarn) - trout.
Björntjärn (tarn) - trout.
Örasjön (lake) - trout.
Lill-staftjärn (tarn) - trout, char, roach.
Långtjärn (tarn) - trout, char, roach.
Flarktjärn (tarn) - trout.
Kvarnån (creek)- trout (allowed fishing approx. 6 km down stream lake Flarktjärn).

Cabins for rent inside the area, 12 cabins with varied standard. No electr. and no indoor water, but equipped with LPG heating and wood stove. Fresh water can be found in clear water springs and lakes inside the area. The cabins are spread out inside a wilderness area that provide nice fishing and hunting.




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