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Stockholm Archipelago

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Stockholm archipelago offers a unique, exciting and varied sport fishing and the area is also very rich of fish.  It's free to fish with handheld rods (angling, spinning, jigging, fly) in the archipelago. Though some smaller areas are not free and therefore requires permits from the individual fishing rights owner. With between 30,000 and 35,000 islands the Stockholm archipelago is a special place to explore.

The archipelago's brackish water holds both freshwater species such as perch, pikeperch and pike, along with marine species such as herring and cod.

Stockholm archipelago is vast, from the innermost bays to far offshore islets. Fishing opportunities are almost endless. Based on maps it is difficult to delineate what counts to Stockholm archipelago, but unofficially, the area range from Arholma in the north about 150 kilometers along the Uppland and Södermanland coast to “Landsort “ in the south and west-east direction from Stockholm mainland to about 80 kilometers east to islands “Svenska Högarna”. The archipelago outside Stockholm is usually divided into two main parts, the northern part, with Vaxholm main spot in the south and Norrtälje in the north, and the southern part of Dalarö the main spot in the north and “Landsort” in the south. Archipelago between Vaxholm and Dalarö and east usually called the middle archipelago. Sometimes considered the provinces Uppland and Södermanland archipelagos to the concept of the Stockholm archipelago, ie from the region of Gräsö to south of Oxelösund

The fishing is generally good. The best period for large pike, perch and herring  is in the spring and early summer. The perch you can find in shallow areas during the summer and can be angled from piers and shore line. The smaller pike are most common during the summer. Stockholm archipelago also has a reputation of being one of the best pike waters. During spring and autumn there are plenty of big trout, sea trout, which belongs to the cold season, the angler big game.

Ice fishing in the archipelago is also free. This means that you can ice fish with a rod in the archipelago in Lake Mälaren and everywhere in Stockholm. If you want to however be able to use multiple rods per person, this can only happen if you buyt fishing licenses .

TDA fishing permit card are sold in well sorted tackle shops and is available in three price categories. The fishing license booklet is presenting about 40 defined areas in the archipelago and in Lake Mälaren where Trolling and ice fishing is allowed with multiple rods. Each card is personal

Minimum size (2012): Pike 40 cm, pikeperch 40 cm, salmon 60 cm, cod 38 cm, trout 50 cm. For fishing pike the following rules applies: - Max 3 pike per day and anglers. - Pikes you keep must be between 40 and 75 cm.

Read about what regulations applies in the Stockholm Archipelago: Fiskeguide Stockholms skärgård ed. 2012 (För latest versionen visit County Board website) hemsida)


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