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Tributary to river Österdalälven. Populations of brown trout and grayling, (only brown trout in the nothern parts). Originates from the lake Hävlingen. In the northern parts of the river, upstream lake Hävlingen near the Töfsingdalens National Park are the famous pools (håarna), (marked 5 on the area map) located. It was here famous Swedish flyfisher Nils Färnström fished with even more famous fly fisher Frank Sawyer, and it was here the famous fly SS-nymph was created.

The river flows into a varied landscape between lake Sörsjön in the northwest and down to the confluence with Töfsingån in the southeast. North of Storån lies the magnificent National Park Töfsingdalen with a nearly unaffected natural forest with pines over 400 years old. The area has been visited by fishermen for a long time and many places along the river have been named after fishermen or events, such as Arnold's Stone (Arnolds sten) and Kockudden (Chef pike).

From the outflow in lake Idrejön and north, up to Spångkojan (about 8 km north of Hällsjön) is Idre / Särna FVOF fishing license valid.

From the bridge in Foskros and up to Kronhån, just south of lake Hällsjön, only fly fishing applies. In lake Hällsjön and on the stretch from Foskros and to the south you also are allowed to use spinning rod.

Idre / Särna FVOF fishing license can be bought at Turist Office in Idre and several of the accommodation in the area, online sales handled by

For the stretches upstream of Idre / Särna FVOF fishing license applies to different rules and fishing licenses. For instance Dala Fjällfiske permit. For rules, fishing card info and other info, visit the County Administrative Board in Dalarna's website. Go to "fishing" section.

From river Töfsingån's inlet in Storån and up to outlet in lake Särsjöns, there is a quoted fly fishing stretch and can be booked at the County Administrative Board of Dalarna. More info on the County Administrative Board website.

Many tarns and mountain lakes are also located in the area surrounding river Storån.

Airports near by: Idre

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Guttan (Guttuån) river


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Fishing guides, fishing charter

Nordic Footprints, professional fishing guide service



Västerbäcken Fjällgård, Storsätern. Boarding house, cabins, lodges.

Turist Office in Idre, Agency for renting private cotteges in the Idre-Särna area


Air service

Jämtlands Flyg we transport fishermen to river Storån, lake Särsjön, lake Hävlingen and lake Våndsjön.

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Tackle shops

Shops in the province of Dalarna


Tourist information

Tourist Office in Idre

Grövelsjöns Tourist Office, in Storsätern


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Särna-Idre FVOF


Fishing articles, books about river Storån

Dalarnas bästa fiskevatten, by Jonas Gavelin
Jag är flugfiskare sedan barnsben och har hört så många historier och läst böcker och tidningsartiklar om fiskevattnet vi snart är framme vid Storån. (Only in Swedish) External link


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River Storån, stretch Between Idre and Foskros
Between Idre and Foskros

River Storån, Upstream Foskros
Upstream Foskros

River Storån, from stretch upstream lake Hällsjön
From stretch upstream lake Hällsjön