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High class fly fishing for big rainbow and trout in both streams and still waters.

Strömhult Sportfishing located approx. 10 km east of Hyltebruk, offer high quality Put&Take fly fishing on a 0,8 km long stream stretch and a big dam. The waters are populated with big rainbow, weighing 2 -10 kg, average weight 3 kg and trout, weighing 1-3 kg.

We can also offer fishing on a 2 km stretch of Strömhultsån (creek), located upstream our dam. Here you can fish for wild brown trout, only no-kill fly fishing.
Suitable equipment are flyrod, class 5-7, floating line or intermediate.

We also provide accommod. Three cabins are available for your comfort, one with 10 beds, kitchen and dining room, one with 4 beds and the last one with showers, sauna and WC.

Spring and fall: arrival the evening before fishing starts, fishing next day from 07.00.
If you have special demands and wishes, all can be arranged separately.
Our fishing area is one of the most popular Put&Take fly fishing in south of Sweden, so you better preorder in good time, usually already in January if you want to be sure of a seat the same year.

For companies and associations we also offer conference- and representation service.

Visit our facebook page for more info.
Contact person: Robert Karlsson


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