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River Svågan is located approx. 40 km from the coast in northern Hälsingland,  in Hudiksvalls municipality. The river originates from the region surrounding lake Stor-Valsjön at the border to Medelpad. 50 km southwards it flows out into the lake  Norra Dellen at Friggesund. The river flows in a valley called Svågadalen, the surrounding area is famous for the beautiful nature and scenery. The river is easy accessible by small roads running along the river on almost the whole stretch. The river is regulated by a hydroelectric powerplant, because of this the water level can fluctuate considerable. The fishing is mainly for grayling and brown trout, but there are also both whitefish and ide in the river

Airports nearby: Hudiksvall, Ljusdal, Sundsvall


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