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River Tommarpsån, originates from the area located approx. 5 km from St: Olof just Southwest of Kivik and flows out into Östersjön sea just north of central Simrishamn. Though river Tommarpsån is just a small river it is one of the regions best reproduction waters for sea tout.  The river runs in a agriculture region, through fields and grazing lands. The wide of the river vary between 7 -13 metres. Lake Tunbyholmssjön and lake Gyllebosjön are some of the river sources. The river is managed by a FVO, you can buy fishing permits for the stretch nearest to the sea. The stretch is approx. 6 km long.

Fish species in the river: pike, sea trout, eel, perch, ide and roach.

In 1998 there were caught approx. 200 sea trout, (reported catch) the biggest weighed 6,4 kg.

The season early Spring fishing 2016 starts on 12/1 and last to 30/4.

The club house is located near the outflow just north of the marina in Simrishamn.

Rest of fishing season last from May 1 - 14/9 2016

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Area map on river Tommarpsån
Tommarpsån vid Simrishamn

1. Gärsnäs
2. Östra Vemmelöv
3. Östra Tommarp
4. Smedstorp
5. Onslunda
6. Lunnarp


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