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Lake, divided by the provinces Småland, Västergötland, Östergötland and Närke. Second largest lake in Sweden. Fourth largest lake in Europe. Size: 1899 kmē. 128 km long and 31 km wide. Biggest deep: 120 metres. Largest island is Visingsö. The shore in the south are mostly steep and rocky (cliffs). Has a very rich population of fish. Very good fishing for salmon, trout, char, pike and perch.

Harbours: Granvik, Hjo, Gränna...



  • Fishing in Sweden -  Cottages for rent situated at various lakes in northern Småland. Guided fishing tours for big pike, zander, perch and char on Vättern and other lakes in Småland.

  • Krokstorps Gård, Cabins, Bed&Breakfast
  • Sätra Bruk Manor, offer accommodation in hotel (Manor) appartments, rooms, cottages.


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