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Fishing waters: (Click on link for each water to get detailed information)

Bramsöfjärden, bay in river Dalälven, fishing for perch, pike and pikeperch (zander)

Dalälven big and long river in Dalarna, Uppland and Gästrikland. Offers a large and varied fishing for many fish species in many different water areas. Fish population of perch, pike, pikeperch (zander), salmon, sea running trout, grayling, trout, whitefish and many others.

Färnebofjärden, bay in river Dalälven, fishing for perch, pike and pikeperch (zander)

Gysingeforsarna FVO, (rapids of Gysinge), south of Dalarna. Lower river Dalälven, fishing for grayling, trout, pike, pikeperch, perch.

Hedesundafjärden, bay in river Dalälven, fishing for perch, pike and pikeperch (zander)

Ottnaren, lake in southwest Gästrikland. Nice fishing for perch and pikeperch (zander). (Detailed info only in Swedish at the moment)

Testeboån, sea running trout river that flows into the sea in villages of Gävle, also fishing for pike, perch and famous for fishing the population of vimba. (Detailed info only in Swedish at the moment)

Tolven, lake in Gästrikland, near Hofors village. Good fishing for perch and trout. (Detailed info only in Swedish at the moment)


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