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At Djurås just west of Borlänge in Dalarna the rivers Västerdalälven and Österdalälven converges and form the river Dalälven. River Dalälven flows from here to the south towards the border to the province of Västmanland and turns here to the east in to the province of Gästrikland. Here the river widens and form the bays Färnebofjärden, Hedesundafjärden and Bramsöfjärden.

Between the first two bays is the stream Gysingeströmmarna located. When the river flows over the border into the province of Uppland, the river form the bay Untrafjärden, after this the river narrow down at the village of Mehedebyn and after this the river widen again and form the bay Storfjärden.

Again the river narrow down and flows by the famous salmon fishing place at the village of Älvkarleby and after approx.  9 km it flows out into the bay Gävlebukten into the sea Bottenhavet at the village of Skutskär

Fishing areas

Lower Dalälven FVO with Älvkarleby (Nedre Dalälvens fiskevårdsområde), salmon and sea trout fishing
Tyttbo stream fishing (Tyttbo strömfiske), grayling, brown trout, pike, pike perch and perch
Gysingeforsarna FVO, grayling, brown trout, pike, pike perch and perch.
at Näs Bruk (Lake Bysjön)
Bäsinge FVO, fishing area in south east Dalarna, just east Avesta. Fishing for pike, perch, pikeperch, whitefish, burbot, eel, grayling and brown trout.


Lower Dalälven FVO, Älvkarleby, (Nedre Dalälvens fiskevårdområde)
Fishing area map
Area map on Dalälven

Lower Dalälvens FVO starts at the river outflow at the bay Gävlebukten and runs up to the fall in Älvkarleby, a stretch of 9 km. Each year are caught approx. 4000 sea trout weighing up to 10 kg each. There are also a lot of salmon caught here very year, the medium size is nearly 10 kg and the record is 27.9 kg (1996)

During 1998 there were caught approx. 3108 sea trout. 1998 was a record year for salmon fishing, during the month of June there were caught  780 salmon and in July  446 (reported catch).

Fishing for salmon and sea trout is permitted from the 1th of January to the 30th September. Most of the sea trout are caught during the winter and spring. When the temperature rises the salmon are arriving. At the fall the sea trout returns. No fishing for sea trout and salmon during 1/11-first saturday of March.

Boats for rent.

Fishing permits are sold by: Älvkarleby fiskecamping, Gävle Fiskeredskap, Älvkarleby Turist och Konferenshotell

Bag limit: 3 fish/day. minimimum size: salmon 50 cm, sea trout 45 cm, grayling 35 cm, zander 45 cm. There are also limit in hook sizes.

Lower Dalälvens FVO is located approx.140 km north of Stockholm, approx 400 km northeast of Gothenburg and 540 km north of Helsingborg. A days ride with a car from Helsingborg (approx. 8 hours) or from Gothenburg (approx. 5 hours).

Airports near by are Arlanda or Västerås, located at 1-2 hours drive from the destination.

Web site: http://www.alvkarlebysportfiske.nu/

Älvkarleby Turist och Konferenshotell offers both modern and classical accommodation. Nature and comfort, culture and entertainment - all in a harmonious setting of roaring rapids and fragrant forests. We also offer tailor made fishing packages that include accommodation, food and fishing licenses.

Älvkarleby Hostel, accommodation and restaurant


Fishing guide service
Widmarks Vildmarksfiske, guided fishing in Marmafjärden, Älvkarleby, river Dalälven, lake Storsjön, Östhammars archipelago and bay of Gävle


Tourist bureau, info
Tourist bureau in Sandviken, Sandviken

Gävle Tourist Bureau



Tyttbo Stream Fishing

Stream fishing, stretch of river Dalälven. Offer fishing for grayling, pike, perch, zander and trout.

Only spin and fly fishing. Open all year round. Only Catch & release.

Permits sold by:
Karin Bengtsgård

Click here for map of Tyttbo Stream Fishing

Fishing guide service
Tourist bureau, info


By FVO (Lake Bysjön)

Located near Näs Bruk. The lake is a part of river Dalälven. Offer fishing for pike, perch, grayling, trout and pike perch (Zander). The area also offer fishing in 19 other lakes.

Pike fishing: Spring and late fall.
Perch fishing: Summer.
Pike perch (Zander): late summer and early fall.

Rainbow trout are  Lake Andersbo, Flaxtjärn, Sävsen, Staksbosjön and Axen are stocked with rainbow trout. Lke Axen and Sävsen are stocked with char.

Permit sales:
Tourist bureau Dalahästen
Bilisten, By
Falkuddens Camping, Näs

Fishing guide service
Tourist bureau, info


Gysingeforsarna FVO, (Gysingeforsarna fiskevårdområde)
Area map on river Dalälven

Gysingeforsarnas FVO includes the beautiful streams surrounding Gysinge Bruk, upstreams a part of the bay Färnebofjärden and downstream a beat where the river flows out into the big bay Hedesundafjärden. The fishing in Gysinge is famous for the pleasant grayling fishing. The fishing is best in the late summer and far into the fall. You can also fish for trout here, the population is supported by yearly complementary stockings. In the deeper and calmer beats is the fishing for pike , perch and pikeperch very good, the pike in this area is famous for its size.

Information and fishing permit: Permit automat in Gysingen or  DIN-X (gas station, flower shop) in Österfärnebo

More info on site: http://www.gysingeforsarna.se

Fishing guide service: Fishing guides in Gästrikland


Tourist bureau, info



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