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River in Dalarna. Originates from river Storån, river Grövlan located north of Idre. Converges with Västerdalälven just south of lake Siljan and together they form river Dalälven.



Stretch of river Österdalälven in  Älvdalen FVO (Trängseldam - Oxberg)

River Österdalälven at Kuntmått, Lokarakan
River Österdalälven at Kuntmått, Lokarakan

Area map

From the Trängseldam in the north downstream to the Spjutmo dam in the south. Fine stream fishing for trout and grayling. Also whitefish and pike are caught here.
The fishing starts at May 16th. Usally the best fishing is around mid June to the first week of July and in September to October.
The river is suitable for wading on most of the stretches

Fishing in the hydoelectric powerplant dams:
Trängseldam: Perch, pike, whitefish, burbot, trout and grayling.
Åsdammen: Perch, pike, whitefish, burbot, trout and grayling.
Väsadammen: Perch, pike, whitefish, burbot, trout, rainbow and grayling.
Spjutmodammen: Perch, pike, whitefish, burbot, trout and grayling.
Other than river Österdalälven the Älvdalen FVO offers fishing in many lakes, rivers, creeks and tarns.

Fishing permits:
Can be bought at 
Älvdalen Fishing Center, Älvdalen Sportcenter, the permits are also sold at many other places. The permit allows you to fish in all waters included in the Älvdalen FVO.

For more info on fishing in the area of Älvdalen FVO contact Älvdalen Fishing Center





Other areas of river Österdalälven


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